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6 Indoor Games to Keep Dogs Entertained During Disasters


There are periods of time, such as during the most recent hurricane, when dogs absolutely have to stay indoors for long periods of time. This can create a problem for our four-legged friends, as well as their people.

To keep your pack from going stir crazy, we’ve found five ways to keep pets entertained indoors when anxiety is at its highest level and there is no electricity or power.

Design a Den

Remember that “blanket fort” you built from pillows and tables and blankets growing up? This concept works the same way. Dens represent security and comfort to your pet and can represent the same for people as well.

You can create a very safe and comfortable lair for yourself and all your pets by draping a blanket over a table and filling the interior with soft pillows and a small battery-operated lamp or flashlight.

Stock it with a few favorite treats, a couple of plush toys, and you will find yourself ensconced in security.


Master the relaxing art of dog and cat yoga by stretching with your four-legged friends. Doga can be very relaxing for all of you!

Try downward facing dog, The Cobra pose, pigeon pose, eagle pose and anything that looks “cat-ish” is a great way to encourage your pets to relax.

Be sure you don’t over-exert either yourself or your pet and don’t try anything you wouldn’t normally do on a good day. It’s important that you keep yourself and your pets injury-free during a disaster.

Scavenger Hunt

Nothing can get a dog’s mind off the problems at hand like a good hunt. Try placing small treats and favorite toys in various areas of the house that may not have been explored as actively as before.

Start off easy, with one placed under the bed, and then move into more complex searches. You may just find you have a future search and rescue or scent dog on your hands!

Your cats will find these mini-mice perfect as storage places for their food and it will help keep your dogs out of the cat cache!

Make Treats

Everyone loves new smells, especially when they are home-baked or something fabulously food-related. This is a great time to experiment with a new favorite recipe.

Whether it’s something baked in the oven that’s organic and crunchy (assuming you can use the oven) or something as simple as drying apples and sweet potato treats in the sun, your dogs will enjoy helping you select their favorite new treats!

Teach them a New Trick

Dogs love to learn and the downtime between hurricane walls is a great time to encourage them with a simple task. Teach (or re-teach) your dog to shake or fetch. While disasters are not an optimal time for animals to learn, a simple activity can help them relax by getting their  mind off the danger at hand and it will prove distracting for you as well. Start with something simple (like “Sit”) and then move into the more complex tricks that only take time and willingness to conquer.

Take A Spa Day

Master the art of relaxation even while it’s storming outside. Spa day for pets is much like spa days for people. Try some simple relaxation massages by sitting next to your pet and gently massaging their paws, neck and shoulders.

Here are some techniques you can review prior to losing power!

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