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2016 Holiday Gift List for Cats



[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Gifts for Cats Who Love Being Outdoors[/heading] 

Crazy K Walking Harness: $27.99

I can’t recommend a walking harness for your cats enough. These are excellent tools to get your cat out for a walk in a backyard or patio area. The Crazy K Walking Harness features an easy-attach velcro close that you can slip onto your cat with one hand.

It will take some training for your cat to realize where they can and can’t go, and in some cases, even how to walk with one of these harnesses on, but the end result is a happy, healthy cat who can go outside under supervision. We’ve got some guides to show you how to teach your cat to do wear one – check out: Choosing a harness for your cat.

[Read our review]

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Cat Enclosures: $490+

Cat enclosures are the new big thing in the world. People are remembering that our cats love to be outdoors. However, letting your cat soak up the sun while keeping them safe from outdoor threats (like people, cars, and wildlife) is of critical importance.

These units let you do that safely.  Remember that you always need to provide plenty of shade and you should never let your cats stay in an independent enclosure (where they don’t have access to the house) unsupervised.  If you can’t enclose your patio (turning it into a catio), then these are some valid alternatives. 

The Trixie Pet Catio is a great way to keep cats enclosed in a safe area outdoors (remember, this should not be your cat’s home! This is for fun only).

[Learn how to Create the Ultimate Cat Enclosure]

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Blueberry Cat Holiday Collar: $12.99+

Choose from a wide variety of Holiday Seasonal Cat Collars with Detachable Bow Ties from Blueberry Pet Collar. These are great, non-intrusive ways to dress up your cat for those evening parties or fun events or a time when you need the perfect holiday photo.

Show off your holiday spirit! 

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