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2016 Holiday Gift List for Cats



[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Gifts for Cats Who Love Food[/heading] 

NoBowl Feeding System

You already know about the NoBowl Feeding System For Cats if you subscribe to our newsletter (and if you don’t, be sure you sign up! It’s free, we only send out news once or twice a month, and we never sell or give away your contact info).

This amazing feeding system focuses on satisfying a cat’s natural instinct to hunt. So instead of dropping the dry food in a bowl and hoping your cat doesn’t scarf and barf, you place the kibble into these adorable mouse-shaped feeders and hide them. When your cat gets hungry, he hunts for one of the kibble-filled mice. It’s simple, brilliant and cats love it! 

[Read our review]

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Loving Pet Bowls from Bella Bowls: $3.50+

The Loving Pets Fish Bella Bowl for Cat comes in a variety of sizes, but the extra-small (which is 1/2 pint) is perfect for the single feeding. We have bowls in a variety of colors that our cats adore!


The bowls are made from veterinarian-recommended bacterial-resistant stainless steel and feature a soy-based rubber base that prevents movement while your cats are nosing their way around the raw food. Just remove the rubber ring (super easy to pop in and out) and you can toss it all in the dishwasher (we’ve actually washed the rubber ring because we forgot to remove it and it came out just fine). 

We love the vast array of bright colors, cute shapes, and the fact that we can buy a bowl for a dog or cat that fits seamlessly into any décor

[photo_gallery source=”media: images/2016-holiday/bella-bowl-firefly.jpg,images/2016-holiday/bella-bowl-fish-pink.jpg,images/2016-holiday/bella-bowl-fish-purple.jpg,images/2016-holiday/bella-bowl-fish.jpg,images/2016-holiday/bella-bowl-hearts-red.jpg,images/2016-holiday/Bella_Bowl_Designer_and_Expression_Collection_ProductLine1-150×150.jpg” order_by=”asc”] 


Dr. Catsby’s Food Bowl for Whisker Relief: $19.99

Whisker stress is a real thing. 

If you don’t know How to Identify Whisker Stress in Cats, be sure you read up on the topic. Whisker stress can cause lots of problems from health issues because cats aren’t comfortable eating, to emotional problems (because cats are temperamental).

That’s why this ergonomic bowl from Dr Catsby’s is such a great option for finicky felines. The stainless steel naturally repels bacteria (so you don’t have to worry about that gross chin acne your cat picked up from the plastic bowl) and the design is modern-looking and easy to clean. 

Not to mention, your cats will love it. 

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Wooly Feeding Mat from Paw5 – $39.95

If you read our site, you already know about how the Wooly Snuffle Mat Slows Down Eating. That’s why this product is also listed on our dog holiday list – because the Wooly Snuffle Mat can slow down your cats eating as well. 

This is a very simple way to control your pet’s feeding speed, improve behavior through feeding, satisfy a cat’s natural foraging instincts and just make your pets generally happier pets. 

[Read about 5 Ways to Slow Your Cat’s Eating Down]

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Ciao Cat Treats – $12.99+

Cats deserve to have a treat this holiday! Ciao makes some of the most addictive treats on the market. The Ciao Cat Treats look pretty gross, but I haven’t met a cat who doesn’t love the creamy texture of fresh ground up scallops and chicken. 

We recommend getting the Ciao Churu Cat Treat Creamy Puree Bundle. This package includes:

  • 1 pack Chicken flavor (Ingredients: water, chicken, tapioca, natural flavors, natural scallop flavor, guar gum, fructooligosaccharide, vitamin e supplement, green tea extract)
  • 1 pack Tuna with Chicken flavor (Ingredients: water, tuna, chicken, tapioca, natural flavors, guar gum, natural tuna flavor, fructooligosaccharide, vitamin e supplement, green tea extract)
  • 1 pack Tuna flavor (Ingredients: water, tuna, tapioca, natural flavors, guar gum, natural tuna flavor, fructooligosaccharide, vitamin e supplement, green tea extract)

If you have a senior cat, a sick cat (who you’re trying to entice with extra rich food) or any cat, this is the treat you should try. 

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