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2016 Holiday Gift List for Cats


[heading style=”2″ color=”#996633″ style_color=”#996633″]Gifts for Cats Who Love to Play[/heading] 

NekoFlies NekoPawdz UJI Tunnel System: $40 – $100 (set)

This is a new tunnel system from our favorite cat toy manufacturer, Neko Flies. Once again, their quality is superior to any other tunnel system on the market. The system can be purchased a piece at a time or as a set.

What we love most is the durability, the way we can shape dozens of new designs from one set, and the soft faux fur that it is surrounded with. The set comes in three shapes: U, J, ,I (hence the name, UJI system). They are all uniquely designed to fit together however you wish to do it. That means thousands of designs available the more pieces you get. 

Our recommendation is to start with the set, then add on as your cats learn the advantages. This is an ideal system for any sized cat (we watched a 26-pound Maine Coon climb through without a problem at a recent cat show!).

These sell out within a day or two of the owners getting new sets in – so order today! It’s on sale for only $100 (reg. $185)

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