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Top 10 Remote Control Pet Toys for Interactive Play

Remote control toys for pets

When we take animals out of the wild and domesticate them, we have to work hard on providing ways they can stay busy. I’ve always said, “If you don’t find a job for your dog, they’ll find their own – and you won’t like what they find.” One exciting way to engage our canine friends is through the use of remote control dog toys. These interactive gadgets not only provide hours of amusement but also contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle for your pet.

Keeping our pets entertained and mentally stimulated is important to their overall well-being. We’ve discussed this before, but dogs need mental stimulation in their lives. This can be accomplished in many different ways, but today we’re exploring the top 10 remote control dog toys that stand out in the realm of interactive play. We haven’t tried all of these (despite wanting to), but we hope they give you some ideas for your pets.

iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher

We’ve talked about this automated ball launcher in the past, but it really is perfect for the fetching enthusiast. Adjustable launch distances keeps dogs active and entertained while providing a great source of exercise.

However, the iFetch can be a problem for very obsessive dogs. Make sure you keep the iFetch unit out of sight when you’re not home monitoring activity or if your dog is prone to fixating on it. Remember, out of sight, out of mind!

This unit is available in two sizes (small and large), so be sure you purchase the proper size tennis balls when restocking!

ifetch remote control pet toys

PetDroid Interactive Dog Ball

We haven’t personally tried the PetDroid, but with well over 10,000+ reviews on Amazon, it seems like a good bet. This durable motion-activated rolling dog ball appears to be a great choice for young pets and small dogs. It’s USB rechargable, waterproof, touch-activated, and works for about 4 hours on a 1.5 hour charge. It offers an irregular running mode and even has a special tennis ball cover to mimic a regular tennis ball!

At only $25 (at the time of publication), this toy seems like an excellent choice for keeping pets stimulated! Remember, it comes in a variety of sizes, so choose sizes appropriately for your dogs.

WickedBone Remote Control Smart Bone

Discover the perfect solution for interactive and engaging play with our automatic and intelligent remote control dog toy. The Wickedbone Smart Bone is an interactive remote-controlled dog bone that keeps pets entertained! Whether you prefer the convenience of auto-play modes or the hands-on approach using the joystick in drive mode via the app, this innovative puppy toy adapts to your dog’s actions seamlessly.

Programmed with 12 types of emotional-driven systems, including chasing, teasing, and avoiding, the Wicked Bone effortlessly captures your dog’s attention without the need for manual operation. Designed to mimic the shape of a traditional bone, this smart toy can be controlled via remote to roll, spin, and keep your pup on its toes. It’s an excellent choice for both physical and mental stimulation.

PetSafe Zoom Rotating Laser Toy

Combining technology with a feline favorite, the ZOOM rotating laser toy keeps cats (and even some adventurous dogs) on the move. We’ve discussed several other of their interactive toys, including the Bolt, but this allows for a bit more of an engaging experience.

The unpredictable laser patterns provide an engaging experience for pets.

Promoting stimulating exercise, the Zoom features random laser patterns and movements, keeping your cats challenged and engaged by tapping into their natural hunting instincts to chase, stalk, and pounce. Say goodbye to boredom as this interactive toy encourages active exercise, ensuring your cat stays mentally and physically stimulated.

To save battery life, the Bolt is equipped with an auto shutoff feature that turns off the timer after 15 minutes. This not only gives your kitten a well-deserved break but also extends the electronic battery life for prolonged playtime enjoyment. Elevate your cat’s play experience with the Bolt, offering a combination of safety, entertainment, and exercise.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera and Treat Dispenser

This not only has the makings of a fun way to capture photos, but to help monitor your pet remotely!

This innovative device comes equipped with a rotating 360° wide-angle lens, 4X HD Zoom, Selfie Alerts, Video History, Doggie Diary, and more, allowing you to record and save your dog’s most precious moments even when you’re away from home. The Furbo 360° dog camera even provides a treat to your for your dog when you’re away.

  • Please note that a paid subscription is required for this model, starting at $6.99 per month with a 3-month minimum commitment (cancel anytime after). Choose from monthly, yearly, or 2-year plans to suit your needs.

Setting up Furbo is a breeze, and you can rest assured knowing your connection with your dog is secure. Elevate your pet-parenting experience with the Furbo 360° Dog Camera for a comprehensive solution that prioritizes safety, entertainment, and peace of mind.

PetLinks Cheese Chaser Remote Controlled Cat Toy

The PetLinks Cheese Chaser is a remote-controlled cat toy that provides cat owners with the convenience of a simple one-button remote control. This allows for easy manipulation of forward and backward motion. The electronic motion generated by the toy is designed to captivate cats, offering mental stimulation that encourages focused and engaging play.

Beyond entertainment, this toy serves as a great tool for promoting exercise. To achieve the best results, it’s recommended to point the remote control directly at the cat toy, ensuring it is no more than 4 feet away. This setup ensures an optimal and enjoyable experience for both cats and their owners.

Trixie Activity Poker Box

For the more cerebral canine, the Trixie Activity Poker Box offers a series of compartments and sliders. While it’s not technically a remote-controlled toy, it’s an excellent choice for pets that enjoy a mental challenge. Note that there are several canine versions and even one for your feline friends!

Explore the Lift, Flip & Pull interactive dog treat puzzle, boasting four distinct treat-hiding compartments. This puzzle is designed to challenge your pup’s cognitive abilities, encouraging them to lift and flip lids and pull drawers to uncover all the hidden treats. The puzzle pieces are conveniently interchangeable with other TRIXIE’s Poker Box models, ensuring variety and extended engagement.

The Trixie Dog Activity interactive dog toys prioritize your pet’s health with BPA-Free and Lead-Free materials. For added convenience, they are dishwasher-safe on the top rack.

SmartyKat Hot Pursuit Electronic Concealed Motion Toy

Mimicking the movement of real-life prey, this electronic motion toy keeps cats engaged and pouncing. The concealed wand provides unpredictable patterns, stimulating your cat’s hunting instincts.

This interactive toy goes beyond fun by promoting exercise, encouraging your cat to give chase, swat, and pounce. By transforming playtime into a physical activity, the Hot Pursuit cat toy contributes to improving your cat’s health and fitness.

Hot Pursuit’s erratic spinning motions and unpredictable changes in directions tap into your cat’s innate prey drive. This creates an exciting and stimulating playtime that satisfies your cat’s natural instincts.

Designed for ease of use, the Hot Pursuit turns on and off with a simple press of a button. The added convenience of speed controls allows you to customize the wand’s movements, catering to your cat’s preferred play style. Elevate your cat’s playtime with the Hot Pursuit to keep your feline friend entertained and active.

PetLinks Pure Commotion Electronic Wand Toy:

Cats will be captivated by the erratic spinning motion of the PetLinks Pure Commotion Electronic Wand Toy. It encourages exercise and mental focus as your cat tries to catch the flying feathers.

Featuring four different speed settings, you can customize the fun to match your cat’s energy level and play preferences.

Not only does this toy provide entertainment, but it’s also great for promoting exercise. This toy satisfies their natural instinct to chase and pounce, contributing to their overall health and fitness.

The multi-textured design adds to the appeal, as different material textures work together to mimic the feel of real prey. With soft plush and natural feathers, this toy offers a satisfying hunting experience that taps into your cat’s instincts. It’s important to note that if the toy does not move, you should remove the tower that holds the wand from the base and reinstall it. The motor and batteries are in the base. The tower must be properly installed to receive power for the toy to start moving.

Rest assured, safety is a top priority. Petlinks designs products that meet child safety standards, ensuring they do not contain small parts, long cords, or other hazards. This commitment to safety ensures the well-being of both your pet and any children in the household. Elevate your cat’s playtime with this electronic toy, offering a blend of entertainment, exercise, and safety.

Cheerble Wicked Ball

The Cheerble Wicked Ball is an interactive, self-moving toy that keeps your pet entertained with its unpredictable movements. It’s durable, easy to clean, and a great addition to your pet’s playtime.

Responding directly to customer feedback, the Cheerble Wicked Ball SE has undergone significant enhancements, boasting a remarkable 68% improvement in bite resistance and a 20% increase in hardness. Additionally, elongation at break has been reduced by 18%, making this ball tougher and more durable than other Wicked Balls available in the market. This commitment to durability is a testament to addressing customer concerns and delivering a superior product.

Designed as a mentally stimulating and entertaining toy for dogs, the Cheerble Wicked Ball SE caters to both active or timid puppies and bored adult dogs. With three interactive modes – Passive, Normal, and Gentle – this innovative ball automatically rolls, shakes, or bounces upon activation. The inclusion of a cool LED light captures your dog’s attention instantly, enhancing the overall play experience.

This toy is available in several different sizes from small to large, and there is even a cat version!

Equipped with an intelligent motion sensor, the Wicked Ball SE features automatic obstacle avoidance, ensuring it reverses and moves away when encountering obstacles or tight spots. This feature keeps your dog excited and engaged by maintaining an unpredictable play pattern, eliminating concerns about the ball getting stuck in corners. Elevate your dog’s playtime with the durable, interactive, and intelligent design of the Cheerble Wicked Ball SE.

Investing in interactive playtime with remote control dog toys brings joy to your pet’s life and strengthens the bond between you and your pets. Whether your pet is a fetching fanatic, a puzzle master, or an adventurer, there’s a remote control toy on this list to suit their preferences. Enhance your pet’s quality of life and add an extra element of fun to their daily routine with these top-notch interactive toys.


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