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Pet Product Review: SmartyKat Toys


We’re always on the lookout for fun toys that actually stimulate our sleepy cats into some action. SmartyKat toys fit our requirements because there is something for every type of cat. The SmartyKat line is focused on providing for the Complete Needs of your pets. They understand that cats need stimulation, treats, exercise, interaction, hunting practice and stalking practice – even if they never leave the comfort of a home.

We were sent a wide selection of affordable toys that we could try out and we put them all to the test. With 14 cats, we have a lot of personalities to please. Here are our results:

Our LAZY Cats loved:

Fish Flop: These fun little toys already have crinkly foil inside each toy, so all you need is a willing cat participant and we promise you won’t have a shortage of those! Our cats loved arguing over who was going to “pounce” on the birds first and pushing them around the floor is a lot more fun when they’re noisy!

Knock Out Toy: Put treats inside, roll it around and wait for the treats to fall out. Treats are much better for everyone when you have to work for it a little. After all, standing over a food bowl to eat is so “doggish.”

Our ACTIVE Cats loved:


Chickadee Chirp: Real feathers, true sounds of birds, and fluffy soft. What else can a cat ask for when he’s not allowed to have the real thing?

Our TROUBLEMAKER Cats loved:

Catnip Kiss: This is a compressed ball of catnip – literally – and it just rolls around and gets the kitties on a nice lazy high.

Our LAID BACK Cats loved:

Fish N Play: This giant toy is purrfect for the kitty who likes to lounge around with something soft. Empty the vial of organic catnip into the Velcro center, and it becomes a giant toy with calming qualities. The long whiskers are a particular favorite of our felines.

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