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The Pet Net


Before you head out to Grandmother’s house this busy season, be sure your pet is safely restrained while you drive. One of the biggest dangers on the road is an unsecured pet. Think about it. If a small animal attempts to hide under your feet while driving, you could easily lose control of your vehicle. The cute little Shitzu sitting in your lap as you drive has essentially just become an air bag. The big dog nosing his way to the front of the car for a better view can just as easily become the equivalent of a 600-lb projectile. These are tough images, I know. But, it’s important for us to understand how critical it is to secure our pets while driving.

The Pet Net is an absolutely wonderful product designed to keep your pet in the back of your car and out of your lap.

The Pet Net easily secures to any type of vehicle and works as a barrier to stop pets from moving forward while still allowing them to move around. Of course, you need to implement a zip line and harness (more about this later) while they are wandering around, but the net helps tremendously to offset dangerous distractions to the driver.

There are many great things about the Pet Net, but the first is that there are 2 sizes available to fit any model of vehicle.

Standard – 47″W x 24″T  for cars and smaller SUVs or trucks and Large – 47″W x 34″T  for larger SUVs or trucks

Various grommet points are available to create the best fit for your vehicle and it’s easily interchangeable between vehicles. Read the directions when you’re handling the adjustments and you’ll become a pro at the easy to make adjustments.

But the best part of this product is how affordable it is. For less than $30 (and that even includes shipping!), you can have a safe barrier between you and your pets while you’re driving. At a price point like that, there is no reason to be unsafe on the road again! This is a purrfect gift for any of your pack members, so order yours today and let’s help spread the message of responsible pet ownership to our pack!



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