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Dog Poems: Divine Canine

Dog Poems - Divine Canine

Embark on a rollicking adventure into the mischievous world of our whimsical dog poems! This enchanting verse brings to life the playful antics of a misbehaving canine companion, capturing the heartwarming chaos that only a dog’s unruly spirit can ignite. Join us in the fun of dog poems, where the mischievous escapades of our four-legged friends take center stage. This poetic journey is a tail-wagging experience for dog lovers of all ages. Our dog poems will make you relate to the spirited, lovable troublemakers in our lives! Here we go:

My dog has issues that need to disappear
She is naughty, defiant and cavalier.

I have taken her to trainers and behaviorists, galore.
She will listen for a day or two, but sadly not much more.

I am frustrated and my mood is always black.
I am tired and the breeder won’t take her back.

With screams of anger, I yelled at the ceiling,
“Why is my life so hard?  I hate this feeling!”

Just then a soft muzzle licked at my hand,
She was the teacher and I listened for her command.

Embody the essence you seek in me
And we shall live in harmony.

When I am afraid be present and strong.
Loose your sense of right and wrong.

As I jump up on you and scratch your arm,
Give love to everyone and wish me no harm.

When I am distracted and hard to reach,
Caress me gently with hands that teach.

I am your dog but I will lead the way.
I will teach you peace without delay.

Breathe and let your troubles disappear,
Resistance may come, but we shall persevere.

All the answers of the universe are near,
All we have to do is choose love and not fear.

I knew my dog was special you see,
For she laid back down and winked at me.

Our future is glorious, for this woman and her canine.
Inner peace and stillness is now mine.

Dog Poems - Divine Canine

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