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PetPax Emergency Pet Kit


In 2005, Hurricane Katrina changed the ways we think about emergency planning for animals. Japan’s recent earthquakes taught us to that we haven’t learned enough…

The tornadoes in the South, fires in the West and floods in the North tell us that preparing for every contingency and having an evacuation plan in place is critical if we want our families and our pets to survive.

Recently, we ran across a set of kits from PetPax that is one of the most complete pet and person emergency survival kits we’ve ever found.

Everything you and your pet need for survival is packed away inside a canvas bag the size of a briefcase. It includes things that you may not think about taking… Like purified water, duct tape and paper towel (and so much more!).

There are two sides of the PetPax kit: general survival and first aid. We’ve listed everything the kit includes below, and we believe it will have everything that you and your pet will need to survive at least three days under very hostile conditions, or a week if the conditions are not extreme. These items all fit nicely into a soft-sided Velcro bag that you can sling over your shoulder for grab and go ease.

[note style=”5″ icon=”yes”]UPDATE: Sadly, this company is no longer in existence, however we have left this page up so you may see what goes into a well-thought out first aid kit.[/note]

The kit includes many items – enough for you and your pet to locate assistance or find a well-stocked area. We believe you should keep one in your home and one in your car – because as we have all learned, nothing drastic happens on a schedule. You want to be prepared at all times – the biggest changes in life happen in minutes, not weeks.

The PetPax Emergency Preparation Kit for Pets


Practical Side of PetPax

Reflective Collar and Leash: These light up with a red glow and the yellow reflects even the slightest light (batteries included). Weather resistant, and visible up to one mile at night.


2-In-1 Food/Water Bowl


Three-day supply of Wellness canned dog food: We recommend placing your pets favorite in there, along with a bland three day supply of something like BuddyMeals.

Three foil packages of purified water

We recommend you increase this to the 1-1-1 rule: One gallon, per person and per pet, per day.


Roll-Bounty to Go paper towels


Roll-Charmin to Go toilet tissue

Doggy Bags

(2) Dust Masks

5-In-1 Whistle

Signal whistle

Signal mirror


Waterproof match container

Flint fire starting kit

Utility Knife

Fork, Spoon, & Knife Combo

Duct Tape

3 – Garbage Bags

6 – Safety Pin




First Aid Side of PetPax

1-Doctors Pen Light

1 -Scissors


2-Splinter Removers

9-Alcohol prep pads

3-Povidone Iodine

3-Insect sting relief pad

3-Antibiotic Ointments

9-Antiseptic novelettes

5-Cotton Tip Applicators

1-Sterile Eyewash

4 – Tongue Depressors

1-Tape Roll.5″x5 yards

1 4”x 4.1 yd non-sterile Stretch Gauze

1-Heavy Trauma pad 5’’x9’’

6-Sterile Gauze Pads 2″x2″

6-Sterile Gauze Pads 2″x2

6-Sterile Gauze 4″x4″

2-latex gloves

1-Cold pack

1-Pet First Aid Guide

1-Hydrogen Peroxide Spray

Corn Starch (safe & quick clotting agent to stop minor bleeding)

1 – Dr. Bronner’s hand soap (unscented, mild, all natural, cruelty free, & environmental safe)


1 – Styptic powder (for toenail bleeding only – NOT for use on a dog’s skin)

1 -Aloe Vera Gel (for scrapes, burns, or lacerations)

3-Travel jars for styptic powder, meds, etc. (1 – 2 1/2 oz)


All in all, an amazing and very complete kit. Now, you could put something like this together on your own, but really by the time you buy each of these items individually, it would cost more than having one done for you. PetPax™ also contributes 5% of our net profits to various no-kill, animal rescue organizations.

We do recommend that you also include:

  • Your pets favorite food or a prepackaged, bland diet (like the Buddy Meal kits)
  • 1 week supply of prescription medicine (for you and your pet)
  • Copy of all pet records and your own medical and ID records (like the Wag’N Pet Passport) in a waterproof packet
  • An up-to-date photo of your pets
  • Natural stress reducer (we like Earth Heart’s Canine Calm: Aromatherapy for Dogs) which can reduce you and your pets stress level
  • List of local shelters that allow animals
  • Instructions on what to do in each type of emergency
  • Small handheld radio in the event cell phones are unavailable

You may also want to tuck a plastic poncho in there, as nothing looks bright when you’re wet and cold.

The kit retails at $99, and we consider that fair and reasonable for all you receive in each kit. This is a purrfect “grab-and-go” kit that will serve you well in any type of emergency – from a mandatory evacuation to a natural disaster.

Replace items regularly and be sure to check expiration dates and recall notice at least once a month. Recently, Triad issued a massive recall for first aid items distributed in the US, and you all know about the pet food recalls. So check your supplies regularly, including your emergency supplies. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stay tuned this week to learn more about the things you can do to prepare you and your pet for disasters – whether it’s a natural disaster or a roadside breakdown, preparation can mean the difference between life and death.

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