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Earth Heart Canine Calm Wipes Calm Dogs Naturally

Brock at PetsWeekly

We’re very excited to tell you about a new way to calm your pets naturally and effectively with Canine Calm Aromatherapy Wipes, from Earth Heart, Inc. Vicki Thorne, aromatherapist, herbalist, owner at Earth Heart Inc, has created these revolutionary, easy-to-carry calming wipes for pets on the go. 

Canine Calm Aromatherapy Wipes are designed to calm pets during storms, fireworks, boarding, grooming, clinic visits, and other unsettling times. While aromatherapy is commonly used in sprays and diffusers, the development of therapeutic aromatherapy in convenient, travel-friendly wipes creates a new product category for the industry. 

Handy and Convenient Wipes for Pets

Canine Calm wipes are made with the highest quality, pure essential oils to create a serene experience for your dog, and best of all – they come in a resealable package for easy carrying anywhere. Each wipe contains 100% pure essential oils from a proprietary blend that includes bergamot, tangerine peel, lavender flowering tops, rose geranium flower, sweet marjoram leaf, and ylang ylang flower.

All Natural for Pets

These aromatherapy wipes use the same high-quality list of ingredients and pure essential oils as all of their other products which include Buzz Guard® Natural Insect Repellent and Travel Calm® Earth Heart Aromatherapy for Dogs  – you read about these products here first some years ago when they first came out). However, these wipes come in easy-to-carry 10-packs, which fit perfectly in any sized purse or dog carrier. 

Earth Heart’s aromatherapy wipes hold up to their usual high standard of quality. These wipes work very simply – when your dog is showing signs of stress (or ideally, just before they begin to experience stress), wipe your dog’s face and paws with a disposable cloth. 

Brock and Crazy Cat

We started using these with Brock when our foster cat threatened to drive him insane. I’m not sure what it is with this specific cat (who we affectionately refer to as Crazy), but the two are not meshing well at all. When I see Brock exhibiting stressed behavior, I simply wipe his face and body with one of these wipes. The calm that comes over him is almost immediate. We keep these wipes handy in the hallway for easy grab and go “Calming time”.

They work so well, my husband has started calling them “Doggy Valium”. But, unlike drugs, I know these are a natural way to elicit the response I want, and without fear of causing any injury. 

Canine Calm Aromatherapy Wipes

They work for hundreds of other situations as well. When we have company over, I use one to calm the animals down (and it’s not hurtful to me either). We recently used them when we took Brock and Bree to the veterinarian. It’s a good way to relax any dogs at the veterinarian office! 

About Aromatherapy for Dogs

“Aromatherapy has been used for centuries, and scientific studies on the effects of essential oils with dogs and horses were well-established by the mid-1880s in areas of Europe,” Vicki Rae Thorne, founder of Earth Heart Inc., said. “We formulate our products with 100 percent pure essential oils that are developed by an aromatherapist with 25-years of experience to ensure a safe and easy-to-use product for all canine owners.” 

If you haven’t tried these products as a way to keep pets calm on road trips, visits to the veterinarian, or even at home during thunderstorms, you owe it to yourself (and your dog) to take a look. 

Buzz Guard®, Travel Calm®, and Guard Well® Aromatherapy Wipes are also currently in development. Click here to visit Earth Heart, Inc. and pick up your Canine Calm Aromatherapy Wipes are available online for retail/wholesale. 

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