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WrapSit Slipcover Makes A Handy Portable Outdoor Kennel

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Whether you’re camping in the woods or heading to your next agility competition, sometimes you just need a few “hands free” moments that don’t involve placing your pet in a car. We’ve got good news – you can keep your pets safe while you handle things hands-free; just secure your dogs under the chair! 

The new Wrapsit™ slipcover crate gives your pets about five cubic feet of space right at your feet. The genius behind this is the way it just attaches to the underside of any existing camp chair. 

The Wrapsit™ slides over the legs of your exisiting folding camp chair. You never have to remove the cover because it also makes great storage for your “everyday” items when you’re out. The next time you’re at an event or watching your kids soccer game, you can just place your belongings inside the chair and bam – you’ve got an automatic safe place to store your purse, sports equipment, or even your dog!

This is a great option for pets who spend long hours with their owners at rescue events or any competition such as earthdog, herding, flyball or agility. We love it the most for those camping weekends while we’re eating dinner and don’t want to hold a leash or place our dog in the tent. 

Here is a closer look at the WrapSit. 

[youtube url=”https://youtu.be/IPypowGmblk”]


Now, while this is a pretty roomy area (our cats LOVE climbing into this space), you have to remember that not all dogs will fit inside comfortably. This chair is designed for small-medium sized dogs. My two pitbulls couldn’t really climb in there too comfortably, so I would think any pets under 35 pounds or so would enjoy the safe area where they can be near their owner but not feel threatened by passersby.  

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This outdoor dog bed is essentially a collapsible kennel with a canopy top, heavy poly-mesh sides for cooling air flow, and a waterproof floor. The mesh sides also provide cover from the outdoor elements, while your chair provides a dog shade canopy to help protect from the sun.


The Wrapsit retails at $60 and includes a camp-style chair (although you can mostly wrap any size camping chair. When purchasing this item, please remember that it DOES NOT include the chair. You’ll receive the covering alone. Fortunately, this cover will wrap around just about any camp-style chair. Use WrapSit’s sizing guide to make sure it fits your specific chair. 

We think you’ll love this handy covering!  It’s lightweight, easy to install (just set your chair in the middle and use the sturdy velcro to attach each side to the chair). Either leave it completely enclosed for the remainder of your chair days.

WrapSit is very easy to use and very simple to install. Order yours at WrapSit.com. 

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