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Catnip and Caviar Dreams: Kitten Fur Perfume is Here

cat product review

For the woman who demands excellence in life, Demeter Fragrance is proud to bring you the most exquisite of all cat-themed perfume for people: Kitten Fur.

Yes, I’m quite serious.

The playful perfume is designed for the elite, sophisticated woman who knows what she wants in life. With top notes of pure Madagascar vanilla and rich Brazilian honey, Kitten Fur also features a delicate base of jasmine and oakwood that teases the senses with all of the fury of a sleek jaguar prowling the borderlands. 

What is Kitten Fur Perfume?

Okay, I actually have no idea what it smells like, I’m just musing until my order comes in.

But, one thing is for certain – the timeless contemporary scent of newborn kitten will mark you as a woman to remember.

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If you love to sniff the heads of kittens, watch their tiny ears move back and forth as they breathe, or miss holding a tiny kitten in your hands, this perfume is for you.  If you are a woman who is pleased by the simpler things in life, yet still demands excellence, this fragrance is for you.

Just like a kitten, this fragrance has no phthalates, no artificial colors and no extra packaging to discard.

Sorry, a new kitten is not included with the purchase…

Choose from cologne spray, perfume roll-on, body lotion, diffuser oils, body oil or shower gel. Sizes range from .10 oz to 4 ozs and prices range from $6-39.95

Crazy cat ladies unite and rejoice in the essence of Kitten Fur!

Side note: PLEASE remember that this is a perfume for people, do not apply on, around or near cats. It’s very strong and can cause a lot of damage to your pets.

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