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The OnlyLeash – a Lightweight, Quick-Grab Leash Solution

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The OnlyLeash is one of the most interesting (and useful) collars we’ve received this year. If you have a large dog who you occasionally need to get quick control over and you don’t have time to grab a leash, this is the #OnlyLeash (see what I did there?) that you need to know about. 

The Only Leash™ is a looped bungee leash that can connect to any collar or harness. When you need quick control, just quickly slip the lead over your pet’s head for about a one-foot lead. It lets you control your dog without choking them or hurting yourself in the process. 

When I talk about the need to gain quick control, I’m talking about the big Labrador who rushes the FedEx driver at the door, the mastiff who loves to escort you out to the mailbox, or the pit bull who hates that garbage truck rolling by. It’s a stop-gap for gaining quick control and it’s perfect for large dogs. 

This is a tool you want when you can’t hunt down a leash every six seconds, because if you spent the time looking for a leash, the moment of control will have passed you by.

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 The very lightweight Only Leash rests comfortably around your dog’s neck (attached to his regular collar) when not in use. The difference is that the second you need this leash, it’s available. Just loop the Only Leash over your dog’s head and you have a foot or more of lead that is already attached to their collars.

There’s no hunting down leashes, clumsily grabbing a collar that your dog can slip out of, and best of all, the bungee action gives you a second to set your feet so your big dog doesn’t pull your back out on a lunge. 

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Those who will benefit most from this products are those with large dogs, veterinary offices, boarding facilities and maybe even doggy daycare groups. It’s a great way to move a dog from point A to point B without losing control, gaining control of your dog when you unhook their safety harness in the car, and it’s perfect for dog handlers and trainers. 

Here’s a demonstration on how it works: 

[youtube url=”https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xilEbHFM0eQ”]

There are six designs you can choose from (solid black, rainbow, red with paw prints, camouflage and pink camouflage, and white with black paw prints). It’s only available in one size, so you need to remember it’s for medium to large dogs. 

Bear in mind, this is does not replace a “every walk” leash (although some it use it as one and if you have a well-trained dog, maybe you could). It would be ideal for walks on a pet-friendly beach with a dog who has a great recall. Only Leash was founded in Maui, Hawaii, so you know they understand beaches! 

At only $19.95, you really can’t go wrong. We think this is a great product for anyone with a medium to large-sized dog. 

We also love that the OnlyLeash is made in the USA and the patterned nylon webbing was rated to hold 2,000 pounds. The product is 100% made in the United States, of patterned nylon webbing and strength rated at 2000 pounds.

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