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Dogs Trained to Track "Vapor Wake" from Terrorists Patrol Holidays

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Macy's Thanksgiving Parade is ramping up security. This year, in addition to officers with "assault weapons and portable radiation detectors walking among the crowd" and "sharpshooters on rooftops", we will see a special group of scent dogs trained to detect explosives in large crowds. 

The NYPD will be using "Vapor Wake Dogs" to track "thermal plumes left behind in a person's wake," Paul Hammond, President of Vapor Wake Training Program VWK9 LLC, told Rolling Stone

This speciality training helps dogs become adept at avoiding the millions of distractions of large crowds and instead use their incredible sense of smell to hone in on explosive particles and firearm residue from terrorists who move through the crowd, allowing police and special agents to stop apprehend a suspect before a devastating event. 

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Presidential Pets - Part One

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Today, in honor of President’s Day, we have compiled a list of all the pets that have lived in the White House. Each of our Presidents have had at least one pet during their term, with the exception of Chester Arthur, who is the only Commander-in-Chief to never own a pet. All told, 90 dogs have lived in the White House (to date), along with a number of cats (Lincoln had the first inaugural cat), a few parrots, many horses, and even a badger, bears, an alligator and a wolf. Without further ado, we introduce you to the Presidential Pets throughout history. Today we will start with Washington and run through Lincoln in honor of Presidents Day. Read Presidential Pets, Part Two (Presidents Johnson through Truman) and Presidential Pets, Part Three (President Kennedy through our current President, Barack Obama).

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The Sheprador

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A Labrador and Shepherd mix puppyThe Labrador & Shepherd Mix is easygoing, dependable, energetic and intelligent - a great pet for families!


The Labrador/Shepherd mix is one of the friendliest dogs you can own.  The Labrador influence contributes to the dog’s loyalty, mild temperament, and love of human contact.  The Shepherd influence adds spark to the dog’s personality.  Shepherds are well known for their devotion, love of running, tracking abilities, guarding and herding.  This energy and spunk, mixed with the inherent gentleness of the Labrador, makes Labrador/Shepherd one of the best family dogs to own.  It may take a couple of kids to wear this dog out!


Both Labradors and Shepherds are known for their intelligence, making this combination a great one.  As a result, Labrador/Shepherd mixes are easily trained and enjoy learning new tricks (which is fun for the pet as well as the owner).

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AZ Walk-N-Roll

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AZ PowerPawsA participant shows off his assistance dog at last years event.Bring your well-behaved dog and join PetsWeekly for a silent auction, live entertainment, lots of food, vendors, free pet-related items and a great time! Dog lovers unite to raise awareness for the 6th Annual Walk 'n Roll Dog Walk in Tempe, Arizona on January 30.

The event benefits AZ Power Paws Assistance Dogs, a non-profit organization that provides assistance dogs to disabled persons. The cost to participate is $25 per person and children under 12 are free.

This years event will includes:

- A Silent Auction and PetsWeekly raffle
- Performances by Heat Wave Fly Ball Team and Blazin' K9s Fly Ball Team!
- Performances by the Great Dane Drill Team - Games for your dog all day long!
- Live performance by After Dark!
- CGC Testing!

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