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Top 10 Luck O’The Irish Dog Names


St. Patrick’s Day (read about The Legend of St. Patrick here) is right around the corner and once again, Rover.com has shared some of the most popular Irish-themed names for dogs. 

Among the findings, we learned that Irish Dog Breeds are more likely to sport an Irish Name than other dogs (which is really not much of a surprise). But dog owners are not a group that will settle for mediocrity and in their search for the best Irish names, they have also taken to name their pets after Irish foods, like Stew and Bailey. 

On a side note, I realized that most of my animals have Irish names:

  • Tristan (It’s actually Welsh, or that’s where I found the name, but mentioned below as an Irish name). This was the name of my coyote/wolf hybrid.
  • Bree (Gaelic for “power” or “ascend”) is my female pointer/pit mix
  • Brock (Irish Gaelic for “badger”) is my pointer/pit mix

Here are some other fun findings and a cute infographic that will prove that the Irish tradition is alive and well in the pet industry!

 What’s in a name? Well, more than you might think…

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