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[note style=”5″ icon=”yes”]Since the time of this review, Wubba was acquired by Kong toys, but the quality and notes we’ve written about the Wubba still stand. You’ll just find it under the Kong brand. [/note]

When I first saw the Wubba Dog Toy, at the APPMA trade show in San Diego, I have to be honest, I didn’t think their product stood a chance against our wolf-coyote, Beagle-Labrador, and most specifically, our chow-shepherd mix.  These dogs are some of the most destructive animals on the face of the earth, and I honestly didn’t think that WubbaWorld’s toys could hold up against them. 

Normally we only purchase toys in the “Kong” toy line, indestructible toys that are accustomed to the destructive nature of our pets.  But, like many of the products I review, I was about to be proven wrong…

[note style=”5″ type=”success” icon=”yes” class=”template-style”]Update: Ironically, Kong purchased this line of toys the year following this article! We’re very excited that Wubba World is now a part of the Kong toys lineup.[/note]

I tried out several of WubbaWorld’s toys, but the very first was what is known as the “Wubba Wubba”.  This particular toy is shaped like the other Wubbas, but has the added feature of a squeaky toy built into it.  While I’m not personally a big fan of anything that squeaks, my dogs are.  And this is Cheiss’ favorite toy. 

My husband and I placed bets on how long the toy would last.  I gave it a day, my husband, knowing Cheiss’ strength, gave it only a few hours.  It’s been three weeks, and the Wubba-Wubba is still going strong despite the beatings, chewing, swinging, throwing, and water logging that it receives on a daily basis.

In order to be fair, we try to trade the toys off each day.  The other toys we received were the “Flyer,” the “Water Wubba”, and the “Tugga Wubba”.  Since we live in Arizona and the temperatures are approaching 110 degrees, our dogs spend a lot of time in our pond.  The Water Wubba is perfect for this problem.  Made of neoprene, the Water Wubba can be completely submerged, it floats and is made of bright colors (which makes it easy to locate), and best of all – contains no squeaky!  Since it is made of neoprene, it dries much faster than the Wubbas made of heavier cloth.  However, the material makes it a bit more susceptible to damage.  So if you do have a very destructive pet, I would recommend you stay with the regular Wubba toy.  They still dry quickly, are easily cleaned, and since they are made of heavier material, can withstand abuse much better.

The Tugga Wubba is another favorite!  A Tugga Wubba has a length of rope shaped like a figure 8, with a tennis ball threaded through each end.  Obviously the combination of rope and tennis balls is just too much for a dog to pass up, and when it is presented to your pet, the fun ensues. The rope is always a winner, as dogs love swinging (which I know is not good for the teeth or jaws, so I don’t recommend it, but sometimes it’s unavoidable).  Once again, this was a winner with Cheiss!  The only problem we ran into was his appetite for tennis balls.  He tends to strip the yellow fur off the exterior of the ball, then rip apart the rubber, then go for the solid core.  It takes him approximately twenty minutes to destroy a tennis ball, and this one was no exception.  So – if you also have a dog with an affinity for tennis balls, you may want to stick with the Wubba-Wubba.  Now, my other two dogs would make the Tugga-Wubba and the Water Wubba last for years, but Cheiss was the designated product tester on this project as he is the most destructive of the three, and also the most avid fetcher we have.

The flyer was another hit with Cheiss and this product held up remarkably well, much better than a standard Frisbee, although we did have problems getting the same distance out of the flyer than we would with a Frisbee.

In all – I feel very confident in recommending the Wubba toy line for your pets!  If it can hold up to Cheiss and his destructive habits, I’m confident it will hold up to any other creature on the planet.  When I first saw the Wubba Toy line, I thought it would be perfect for dogs such as Golden Retrievers and Labradors – those types of dogs who need something hanging out of their mouth all the time.  But Wubba toys come in several sizes and a number of creative designs, so there is no problem at all in finding something that will entertain even the most discerning pet. 

They are also very affordable.  For what you would spend on a regular plastic squeaky toy, you can get a soft, nearly indestructible Wubba toy that your pet will love.  Log on now and check them out!  I think you’ll agree with me!


From the Dogs:

Growls: We love our Wubba Toys!! 

Leaps of Joy: Even though Cheiss hogs them all, we sneak in a few catches when we can!  They are soft, fun to catch and don’t hurt our mouth like the other hard-plastic toys!  This is the toy for us!

From the Humans:

Two opposable thumbs up: The cost is reasonable, the toys are sturdy and hold up incredibly well, and they are fun to have lying around the house!   

Drawbacks? The neoprene toys don’t hold up quite as well as the original Wubbas, but it’s neoprene – how tough can it be?

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