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ScooPup Pocket Makes Waste Cleanup Easy

ScooPup Pocket

ScooPup PocketDog waste isn’t really a topic that we enjoy talking about. But, with over 77.5 million dogs in the USA alone, it has certainly earned its place as a topic. That said, our job here at PetsWeekly is to show you all the latest and greatest innovations in pet products and while this week’s product, The ScooPup Pocket, isn’t a technological wonder, it’s certainly a handy way to clean up pet waste.

Let’s face it – everyone loves to take their pets out for walks, but not everyone loves to clean up the dog waste left behind. The ScooPup Pocket makes cleaning up pet waste very convenient, easy, and discreet.

The pocket hooks on to a leash or belt loop very easily. Inside a pocket, the bags (which can be replaced with regular grocery bags) are handy to reach. Simply put the bag around the outside of the bag, pick up the waste (your hand is now protected by a nylon bag as well as a plastic bag) and withdraw your hand.

The waste is now in the safety of the bag, your hand is completely clean (no matter how big the mess) and you don’t have to worry about walking around with visible dog waste. On top of all that, you’ve done your civic duty as a dog owner and continued the good name of all dog owners.

Now, a few notes worth mentioning. We learned that if you have large dogs, the pet waste can be a little heavy. This is true for any pick-up bag. So, here’s a quick tip:

Be sure you have the bag clipped to the part of the leash that you’re holding. This makes it much lighter for you and your pup. I know that seems obvious for most people, but we are a little slow on the easiest way to do things and we rarely read directions. Keeping pet people like me in mind, ScooPup Pocket has created a very adorable video clip that is short, sweet and too the point. Here it is:

We really love the ease with which pet waste can be easily picked up and disposed of using the ScooPup Pocket. It’s practical, easy to transport, and simple to use. For those reasons, it’s earned the Pack-Tested, Pet-Approved award for a product that really works!

Bette Allen, the creator of ScooPup Pocket and author of Walking the Dog, is very active in helping out the animal community. In a special offer, she has agreed to donate $2.00 per bag sold to the support the animal victims of the Wallow Fire in Arizona. For this, we are very grateful and support our pet community in purchasing one of these bags for only $15.95. You can place your order here and enter the word PETSWEEKLY in the special instructions area of the shopping cart to make your purchase count towards the rescue of Wallow Fire animal victims. We encourage you to share this offer with your friends.

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