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Earthbath Puppy Wipes and Spritz


You may recall a review that we wrote last November about the amazing (we’re not using that word lightly) line of products from Earthbath.  Between the time we wrote that review and now, we’ve gained three foster puppies, giving us the perfect opportunity to try out the Earthbath All Natural Puppy line of products.

Now that we’ve decided that we love this line of puppy products just as much as their other products, we want to introduce them to you.

Earthbath has four different puppy products designed with your smallest, most sensitive canine friends in mind.  As with all of their products, they smell great (without being overpowering) and are completely all natural, soap-free, pH balanced to keep sensitive skin happy, and made in the USA.  The Earthbath CEO, Paul Armstrong, even goes so far as to test every product on himself before putting them on the market.

Out here in Arizona, there’s a lot of dust and bits of dried up leaves, grass, etc., and the puppies love to roll in it all (like it’s their personal goal in life to see how much they can absorb at once).  We would wipe them down with one of the Earthbath Puppy Pet Grooming Wipes , and within thirty seconds they’d look neat as a pin and smell faintly of wild cherries and almonds – which was a vast improvement.

We were able to clean about a puppy and a half per wipe, and they are not tiny dogs, so they do go a long way – well worth the money (currently Earthbath All Natural Puppy Grooming Wipes, 100 Wipes $10.97 for a package of 100 on Amazon).

The grooming wipes also come in a travel size package, which would fit perfectly in your doggy luggage and pet emergency kit.

Did your young canine friend roll around in something foul in the backyard five minutes before your mother-in-law was to show up for dinner?  The Earthbath Puppy Spritz (8 fl. oz. – currently $8.99 at Amazon), which has the same wild cherry essence as the grooming wipes, is your answer.  The spritz deodorizes and conditions your puppy’s coat without leaving an oily residue.


One word of warning: be sure to check the label of any product you purchase to be sure it’s safe for the animal you intend to use it on. For instance, the Earthbath All Natural Orange Peel Oil Shampoo, 16-Ounce should not be used on cats because some cats have severe allergic reactions to orange peel oil. Cats can also have a serious reaction to Tea Tree Oil, so be sure you never use anything that is made for dogs (or other animals) on your favorite feline.

Here at PetsWeekly, we love the Earthbath products and just can’t recommend them enough.  If you’re already a fan of Earthbath, you could spread the love by making a gift basket for a new puppy owner. To find out where you can purchase Earthbath products, click here to visit their store locator.  They do list Petco as a retailer, so you could also call your local Petco and see if they have the Earthbath product you want in stock.

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