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9-11 Survivor Comforts Pet Lovers with Art


Leatrice Guttentag has a unique skill. She is gifted with the ability to comfort anyone who has lost a beloved pet. Probably because the concept of loss is nothing new to Guttentag.

Her life was changed forever on September 11, 2001. She had been in her 80th floor office of the North Tower when the building began to collapse, escaping only minutes before it fell forever. Like many other survivors, she was jobless and haunted by the memories of losing her loved ones. In an effort to escape the memories, she relocated to Ohio and reassessed her life. Two things saved Guttentag from succumbing to depression: her beloved dog, Dozer and art – together they intertwined to form something so unique and special, that Guttentag knew she had to share it with others…

Glass Remembrance is a tribute to her love of both animals and art.


Glass is made from a mixture of silica and sodium bicarbonate that are fused together at high temperatures. By adding other substances during the process, such as the cremains fo your pet, the properties of glass can be altered – creating a unique work of art that will forever capture the beauty of your pet.

“We take a small portion of the actual ashes and encase it in a customized glass sculpture,” Guttentag says.  “Glass by its nature can be recycled and used in many new ways.  Our lines of recycled glass tributes are environmentally sound and made of 100% post consumer recycled glass.”

All of their products are hand blown in the U.S and individually signed by talented glass artists who respect the love you have for departed and treat the ashes with reverence. Her proven tracking method ensures that the ashes of your pet are actually used in creating your individual work of art. After an order is placed, a unique identifier is assigned to the order. The cremains collection kit is tagged with the identifier and it will follow your memorial through the creation process until it is completed and returned to you. All tributes come with a Certificate of Authenticity, verifying that your cremains were used while making the glass keepsake and any ashes not used are returned to you at the time you receive your completed art.

We chose to have three of our dogs; Malachi, Aquilla and Tristan, remembered in a single piece of jewelry. After reviewing a number of choices, we selected the Swirling Galaxy amulet.


Swirling Galaxy: This amethyst-colored amulet serves as a lifelong remembrance of our lives with our favorite pets. It is also available in cobalt blue, dark plum, light pink, lavender or pulsar blue with a Sterling silver or gold, plated bail. The ashes are preserved in a swirling dichroic glass. Each glass charm is approximately ¾” and is custom made to order. It is attached with a 30″ sheer ribbon that can easily be replaced with a different type of chain.

The process is simple. Contact Glass Remembrance. They will send you a sample bag into which you will place one small teaspoon for your pet’s cremains. Then return to the company along with the requested information about your pet. The ashes are handled with reverence and they only use what they need. The remains are returned to you along with your newly created work of art.

Enduring Fountain: We were so impressed with the process that we also requested a secondary piece that we could place on display with the three urns that hold our pet’s cremains. This is a gorgeous piece that brings a deep sense of comfort to us whenever we look at the Enduring Fountain.

There are dozens of types and colors to choose from, and you’re sure to locate something that is as beautiful as your pet.You can be assured that your pets cremains are tracked correctly and handled with care, and that any of the remains left over will be returned to you.

A love of art saved her life, and if you are grieving a lost pet (or know of someone who is), it just might help you become a survivor as well. Glass Remembrance is a wonderful company run by a caring, talented individual who can help bring closure to you after the loss of your pet.

Visit Guttentag at Glass Remembrance for selections, colors and pricing.

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