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As an author, I have a soft spot for my fellow artists no matter if their medium of choice is watercolor, words, wood or wind instruments. I wanted to take a minute to profile a few that you may not know about because they are truly brilliant and don’t get enough credit in my humble opinion.

Here’s a very quick look at a few of my favorites, BZTAT Studios, Sara England, and J. Anne Butler…

BZTAT Studios

Vicki Boatright is the accomplished artist behind BZTAT Studios and holds several public art projects to her name. Little wonder, as her art is comprised of colorful and contemporary dog and cat portraits that we love to stare at for hours! She utilizes complex blends of colors to make the simplest photo into a complex piece of art (Our favorite one is the two cats with a moon in the background).


Her whimsical artwork has the feel of the Southwest and utilizes bright, playful colors (colors that we personally associate with Santa Fe or Old World Mexico, which happens to be our favorites). Take a look at her beautiful creations by clicking here.

If you’re looking for a custom portrait, she can create art that captures your pets personality as well as their likeness. Each portrait is hand-painted, which makes for a uniquely distinctive portrait that is committed to capturing your pet’s playful personality. As she is owned by five cats (including the famous Brewskie!), she understands how to portray an animal in a fun print! We can’t think of a better gift for an animal lover in your life! (NOTE: Be sure to reserve your painting early if you’re focused on the holidays – BZTAT fills up quickly throughout the year!)

Sara England

Sara England is known for her whimsical portraits of dogs in what are traditionally “people” scenes. We have one of her masterpieces in our living room and I think you’ll love what she does. Whether it’s golden retrievers on the beach, pitties playing poker, dachshunds drinking wine or terriers in the tub – her designs are fun and inspired by her own pets. What’s even more fun is that she can customize the designs for your own domestic situation. If you prefer two dogs sharing a meal or a couple of cats on the beach, she’ll create it for you.  Visit her site and scroll through the hundreds of breeds and species she offers, then find the perfect artwork for your home!

Sara also offers art prints, coasters, jewelry and custom cards. Take a moment to browse – they are all wonderful!


Sara is an avid animal rescuer and finds her inspiration amongst animals that she has fostered in her home. She also volunteers with the Joanna M Nicolay Melanoma Foundation by providing their graphic design needs.

Remember to reserve your portraits early as she becomes very busy prior to the holidays.


J. Anne Butler

I love bronze sculptures and besides books, it’s the one thing that I actually collect. I’m the proud owner of several Remington bronzes, but my goal is to one day purchase a sculpture from J. Anne Butler. Most well known for her lifelike equine sculptures, Butler has an eye for encompassing exquisite detail and a knack for incorporating the personality of an animal into her life-sized sculptures. She loves the Arabian horse for their exquisite features and elegant, ethereal qualities, but she does much more than just one specific breed when working them into her art.

Her art can be found in collections around the world, including the Breeders Cup, numerous Arabian Horse associations, the Duke of Edinburgh, and even amongst HM Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip’s vast collection. She has undertaken several specialized projects including origination work for Walt Disney, Schmidt and Enesco.  Anne also completed a number of realistic portrait sculptures. Her 9-foot-high figure of the Lord Mayor of London was a central feature at the annual Lord Mayor’s Procession.  She is an avid animal lover and frequently supports organizations such as the Guide Dogs for The Blind Organization. Salem’s Children’s Home in Oregon, which offers an innovative equine-based support program to help deprived inner-city children has been another love of hers. The Calvert Trust Riding for the Disabled, of which HRH Princess Anne and the late King Hussein of Jordan are patrons, gained a large financial bequest ($750,000.00) through Anne generously donating a sculpture to their cause.

Her sculptures come in a variety of sizes and types, but it’s her work with the Arabian horse that I love most. She is capable of capturing the essence of their spirit and can work on large or small projects. She has a great love of animals and often works dogs and cats into her amazing collections.  I do hope you’ll take a look at her amazing work.


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