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Meet the Artist: April Howland


I first met artist April Howland when she posted a photo of her dog, (who looks identical to our dog, Cheiss) on Instagram. We became fast friends when we discovered that we support the same animal rescue foundations, and are both being members of the AZ Pet Professionals group.

But the most important thing we share is that we are both inspired by animals…

When I view her artwork, I see in it the joy that our animals bring to us every day. She is a master of capturing the watchful eyes of a South African cheetah, the primal ferocity of a grizzly in the Alaskan wilderness, or the simple, joyful expression of a basset hound.

 Next month, Howland is introducing a new series entitled, “Cars and Dogs.” This collection of oil on canvas features (obviously) dogs in cars but they are so much more than that – we know you’ll love seeing this carefree look at dogs who love the simple experience of riding in the car with their best human friends.

You’re all invited to her opening reception at 180 Degrees Automotive on October 2, 2015 from 6-8pm at 180 Degrees Automotive located at 545 W. Mariposa St, in Phoenix, Az.

Lost Paws, a nonprofit devoted to saving bully breeds, will be present to register for their annual event, The Running of the Bulls, a dog-friendly fun run scheduled for Oct 4.

You’ll also meet Big Ben (featured in the photo above). He is currently up for adoption. We hope you’ll come by and be a part of this fun event!

Date: Friday, October 2, 2015

Time: 6-8 pm

Place: 180 Degrees Automotive (545 W. Mariposa St Phoenix, AZ) – see map at end of article.

View more of Howland’s work at Santa Fe Exports.

[gmap address=”545 W. Mariposa St Phoenix, AZ”]

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