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The New #WoofPouf from Absorbine


If you’re anything like me, you prefer to keep your pets as clean as possible. After all, they share our lives with us. They’re climbing all over your furniture, they probably share your bed at night, and we’re always hugging them (I’m not a big fan of kisses). So keeping their fur fresh-smelling and free from parasites is very important.

We also like to keep bath-time very simple and the new Woof Pouf™ from Absorbine® does that well. These innovative little “bath sponge” has shampoo built right into a clever mesh sponge, so there’s no muss and no fuss.  The Woof Pouf is super soft and contains tiny bath beads that are soft, help exfoliate your pet as you bathe them, and creates a rich lather. As an added bonus, it’s free from sulfates and parabens.

[note style=”5″ icon=”yes”]This post is sponsored by Absorbine and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Woof Pouf but PetsWeekly only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Absorbine is not responsible for the content of this article.[/note]

The pouf lasts up to fifteen washes (depending on the size of your pets). While we don’t have to bathe Cheiss very often, we do bathe Brock and Bree every month. The ShowSheen Woof Pouf contains Ordenone, which  is a concentrated compound that works on contact to entrap bad odors (manufacturers use this compound in commercial deodorizers, deodorants, and other such odor-stopping products). It helps encapsulate odors by breaking down (and eliminating) bad smells.


You’ll find it is extra efficient with that “dirty dog smell” and really tough odors, like skunk oil. While most shampoos attempt to camouflage odor, the Woof Pouf has a pleasant, fresh scent. We really liked how mild it is and the dogs, who abhor strong odors, were absolutely pleased to be bathed with these!

Another great feature of the UltraShield Woof Pouf is proven to repel fleas & ticks using a blend of natural herbs and extracts. This makes it the perfect natural way to repel parasites while you’re on the road, camping in the woods, or just letting your best friend run in the yard.

We especially love the idea of having this available while you’re out on camping trips. The Flea and Tick Absorbine Ultrashield Woof Pouf is perfect for a weekend away and it will naturally help repel fleas and ticks (and other pesky creatures) from your pet.


It’s also a great solution if you’re trying to give a bath to a squirmy dog who doesn’t like baths. With the Woof Pouf, you need only hold your dog’s leash in one hand and the Pouf in the other.

For kids who want to help out care for the family dog, we can’t think of a more fun product. You won’t have to worry about shampoo bottles getting knocked over or anyone slipping in the conditioner. This product contains all of those things in self-contained soap beads and the natural formula is eco-safe for the whole family so you can let everyone share the joy of bathing your pup.

Starting as low as $7 per pouf makes it an affordable alternative to traditional shampoos, that’s easy to to transport, simple to use for dog baths, and much less waste). Just add water!

To get one in your hands, we’re working with Blogpaws to give away 10 Woof Poufs! Enter to win one of 10 Prize Packs below:

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