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Yalu and the Puppy Room


So many little girls dream about being a princess, apparently even Golden Retrievers.

Geared for elementary readers, Yalu and the Puppy Room is the first in a series of books about a little Golden Retriever named Yalu.  Yalu is one of many dogs in the “Puppy Room” who need a good family to call her own.  She finds herself feeling rejected and all alone when puppy after puppy is chosen – except her.  She wonders if she’ll ever get to live her dream of being somebody’s princess…

Soon all of her brothers and sisters have been taken home with their new families, leaving Yalu feeling more lonely than before.  Deciding she has had about enough of her kennel life, Yalu decides to take things into her own paws and choose her family, instead of waiting for them to pick her.

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You’ve heard the saying that “children can be so cruel.”  Reading Yalu and the Puppy Room is a great way to lead into a discussion with children and teach them that it’s okay to be different.  If someone chooses not to spend time with you for any reason, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is something wrong with you.  If everyone were the same, this world would be a boring place.

In my opinion, the greatest lesson found within the beautifully illustrated pages of Yalu is that even when things seem the hardest, you can make a life-changing decision, as Yalu did, and alter the path of your own life.  The next generation needs to be encouraged to never give up on their goals and dreams.

Brian T. Yates, the author of the Yalu series, loves to read his book at elementary schools and other organizations, and even offers to donate $3.00 from every sale to the school or organization that invites him to come and read his book.  Not only will the children benefit from the lessons reinforced in Yalu and the Puppy Room, but they will benefit from the extra money their school, library, children’s group, etc. will receive from the author.

You can order Yalu and the Puppy Room for $14.99 on the Yalu the Puppy Dog ordering page.  There is a free PDF version of the book available on the website if you’d like to be able to take a look at the book before deciding to buy.

Don’t forget – if you’re part of the public school system, a homeschooling group, a library or other organization, you can contact the author about having a book reading and take advantage of the $3.00 per book sale donation.

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