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Dear Dr. Florez,

I have always fed Purina Brand dog food to my dog. But, with the new diets coming out (raw diet, etc.) I am a little confused as to which one might be best for her. Do you have any suggestions on the best type of food for my dog?

Meggin Portenier

Dear Meggin,

Purina is a good diet. I would not alter your pet’s diet unless you notice changes (sometimes these changes can be as simple as changes in lifestyle) that may necessitate a chance in her diet. Lifestyle changes may include issues with weight due to an increase or decrease in activity levels, age, or even weather changes (extreme weather can alter a pet’s normal exercise schedule). I always look at the pet’s coat as a reflection of the nutritional health of the pet. The coat should be shiny all over the body. If the coat looks dull, you may want to consider changing your pet’s diet, or at the very least, supplement her diet with multivitamins and fatty acids. Your vet can provide additional information on this subject.

You should always keep in mind the breed of your dog, her age, activity level and a number of other factors to properly choose the diet for your pet. I also like to supplement my patients with fatty acids Omega 3, Omega 6 and multivitamins.

There are a number of wonderful diets that you can choose for your pet, and each one is highly individual. You should consult with your local veterinarian to guide you through this selection if you are thinking of changing diets for any reason. Remember that any diet change should be made slowly, over a period of several weeks, as your pets digestive system will need time to adjust to changes.

Best of luck,


Diego Fernando Florez, DVM

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