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Feed Your Cat’s Wild Side with #NaturalBalance


Our cats are big fans of the outdoors. Cassie, in particular, has to be outdoors every day or she gets completely stir-crazy. She loves sniffing around the yard, chasing lizards, and watching the birds who love to nest in our trees. There are a thousand smells and she can pretend to be a lion (and I think there is a remote possibility she may be). 

The one and only thing that brings her back indoors is food. After her long morning treks around the yard, she retreats to the indoors to eat (her second favorite thing – because she is a really terrible hunter) and sleep. Then take a nap, then eat again, then – well, you get the idea.

We’ve been on the hunt for a new diet for her since she started picking up weight. Finding a high-quality diet she likes, however, has been difficult. This week, we just got some samples in from Natural Balance® that fit her unique dietary requirements and she seems to be taking to it quite well.


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Natural Balance, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word the word about Natural Balance Wild PursuitTM or Natural Balance Treats, but PetsWeekly only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Natural Balance is not responsible for the content of this article.[/note]

Natural Balance Wild Pursuit is a complete and balanced high protein diet, that is grain free. It contains tiny freeze dried raw pieces that make cats feel like they’re in the wild (even if they aren’t). This diet meets the nutritional needs of cats by closely resembling the diet they would have eaten in the wild.

The Wild Pursuit line has four canned food flavors and two dry food flavors (which means lots of selection for our crazy group of very particular cats). We can also choose from unique proteins – including guinea fowl, quail, trout and even fish like Walleye. It’s 100% grain free and each can comes in a balanced blend of three protein sources. a new line of premium natural high protein, grain free products from Natural Balance helps feed our pet’s ancestral cravings.

The dry food comes in two varieties and the chicken, turkey and quail is her favorite (maybe because fish hasn’t ever been her preferred hunting style – she’s more of a bird-centric cat).

  • Chicken, Turkey Meal & Quail
  • Trout, Salmon meal, and Tuna

There are four versions of the canned food, so we can choose from:

  • Turkey and quail
  • Buffalo and venison
  • Turkey, chicken and guinea fowl
  • Salmon, herring and walleye
[heading style=”1″ color=”#ff9933″ style_color=”#ff9933″]Food Safety[/heading]

Food Safety is of critical importance to us, so imagine how happy we are to talk about the way you can track ingredients in real time. Their “Buy with Confidence” allows you to examine all test results.

Here’s how it works:

Every production run of Natural Balance pet food is tested before distribution for [highlight background=”#ff9933″]nine known contaminants[/highlight]before they ever reach store shelves. You can see the individual test results for yourself by entering the product date code on your package. The actual laboratory results are posted for each and every package so you can be assured of the results.

If you’re interested in feeding a high-quality, high-protein, grain-free diet to your pets; the Wild Pursuit product line from Natural Balance® Pet Foods fits the bill.


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