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Emergency Kits and Pet Preparedness

pet preparedness

Extreme weather and changes in the environment have changed the way we feel about animal preparedness. It’s also taught us the importance of having go-bags, emergency kits, and evacuation plan for ourselves and our pets.

Tornadoes in the heartland, fires in the West, hurricanes down south and blizzards up north have demonstrated the importance of preparedness. Planning for contingencies and having an evacuation plan in place is critical if we want our pets to survive.

pet preparedness

Today, we’re talking about emergency kits for pets and people.

In a go-bag, you should have everything you and your pet need for survival for 3 days packed inside a backpack. But, first aid kits should contain a few different things.

The kit includes many items – enough for you and your pet to locate assistance or find a well-stocked area. We believe you should keep one in your home and one in your car – because as we have all learned, nothing drastic happens on a schedule. You want to be prepared at all times – the biggest changes in life happen in minutes, not weeks.

Premade First Aid Kits

In most cases, it’s easiest to purchase a pre-made first aid kit for pets. These pros have thought things through and understand what a dog or horse may need in an emergency situation.

There are hundreds of kits out there, but these are a few of our favorites:

M2 Pet Products

RC Pet Products First Aid Kit
2 Pet First Aid Manuals1 -Scissors
1-Tweezer2-Splinter Removers
9-Alcohol prep pads3-Povidone Iodine
3-Insect sting relief pad3-Antibiotic Ointments
9-Antiseptic novelettes5-Cotton Tip Applicators
1-Sterile Eyewash4 – Tongue Depressors
1-Tape Roll.5″x5 yards1 4”x 4.1 yd non-sterile Stretch Gauze
1-Heavy Trauma pad 5’’x9’’6-Sterile Gauze Pads 2″x2″
6-Sterile Gauze Pads 2″x26-Sterile Gauze 4″x4″
2-latex gloves1-Cold pack
1-Pet First Aid Guide1-Hydrogen Peroxide Spray
Corn Starch (safe & quick clotting agent to stop minor bleeding)1 – Dr. Bronner’s hand soap (unscented, mild, all natural, cruelty free, & environmental safe)  
1 – Styptic powder (for toenail bleeding only – NOT for use on a dog’s skin)1-Travel jars for styptic powder, meds, etc. (1 – 2 1/2 oz)

All in all, both are very complete kits.

Now, you could put something like this together on your own, but really by the time you buy each of these items individually, it would cost more than buying one that has already been made.

We also recommend you include:

An emergency blanket, as the future never looks bright when you’re wet and cold. If you’re in a cooler region of the country, you should also include warmers. We would also throw some dog boots in there for the rough trails.

Replace items regularly and be sure to check expiration dates and recall notice at least once a year.

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