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10 Father’s Day Gifts for Dog Dads

Dog Dad Gift Guide for Father's Day

Father’s Day is June 21! If you haven’t found a gift for the man in your life, don’t worry – we have you covered. Here are a few of our favorite dog dad gifts that he will love.

For the Stylish Dog Dad

We ordered this adorable tee because it’s the perfect “dog father” t-shirt for Sam! For the mob in your life, this is a fun gift they’ll appreciate.

Pay attention to the vendor you receive this from because the quality of the t-shirt can vary widely.

Dog Cufflinks

For the snappy dressing dog dad, these dog dad cufflinks add a splash of style while getting a love of dogs across to others. We can’t think of a single dad who wouldn’t love these stylish cufflinks!

For Dads and Dogs On the Go

Whistle GO and Whistle GO Explore

No matter where you go, your dog will be at your beck and call with the Whistle Dog Tracker. This GPS tracking is designed by people who know dogs. It helps you locate your dog anywhere with dog alerts telling you your dog has escaped a yard or moved beyond a specific area.

Whistle Go Explore


  • Nationwide location tracking: pinpoint your pet’s location with this top-rated SMART GPS activity tracker for your pet anywhere AT&T 3g cellular service is available
  • monitor your pet’s daily activities and know how your pet measures up for their age, weight and breed
  • Waterproof for up to 3 feet for 30 minutes
  • Subscription & Wi-Fi required: affordable monthly or annual plans cover connection to AT&T nationwide network to track & monitor your pet. No new phone contract required. Wi-fi is also required during the Whistle setup
  • Whistle requires that you have Wi-Fi at home or where you want to designate a “safe place,” of which you can have several. When your pet is within the range of designated Wi-Fi locations, Whistle switches from GPS to Wi-Fi to save power and battery time. And then when your pet goes (escapes) outside of Wi-Fi range, it automatically switches back to GPS.
  • If your pet stays in the home Wi-Fi range, you can assume about 5-6 days on a battery charge, but if continuously outside of its home Wi-Fi range assume 1 or 2 days on a charge.

Mendota 15’ Long Lead

These long rope trainers are some of the best we’ve found. They are even guaranteed for the life of your dog!

Choose from brass, satin nickel or black metallic hardware. Men love the oil-tanned leather accents and you’ll love how they look.

Mendota Pet Snap Lead 15′

Handmade in the USA means they are even more appealing to us! This is the perfect lead for long walks on the beach or hiking through the desert.

Long check cord leash

Collapsible Dog Dishes for Travel

Does your dad love traveling with dogs? Don’t let him forget to take along plenty of food and water. These lightweight, easy to use, collapsible dishes are easy to tuck into your dog dad’s vehicle or pack.

They are made from food-grade silicone and each holds a whopping 34 ozs and feature a carabiner clip for easy attachment to a belt or pack.

Collapsible Bowl with Carabiner clip

Grab an extra set to place in your family’s “go bag” so you’re never caught unprepared during an emergency.

For Dogs & Dads who Explore

The Palisades Dog Backpack

If your big dog loves to join his human on the trail, this is the pack that will make them a valued member of the team.

The Palisades pack from Ruffwear includes hydration bladders (similar to your dad’s personal camel pack) to keep a safe water supply for your dog. This pack is designed for multi-day adventures, and there are others available for short hikes.

Make sure you choose the right pack for your next adventure! Read more about these packs here.

Palisades Pack from Ruffwear

Dog-Toting Backpack

If the man in your life loves to go for long hikes and he happens to have a short-legged dog, these packs are the ultimate gift. Remind him that both he and his dog will need to spend some time training before hitting the trail!

Sports Sack Trainer

For The Researcher Dog Dad

Wisdom Panel DNA Test

Who’s your daddy? This doggy DNA test is easy to administer and there isn’t a man alive who isn’t interested in his dog’s DNA. This information helps the man in your life to care for his best four-legged friend properly.

Wisdom Panel Essential

Not only will he learn about the ancestry and breed makeup of his dog, but he’ll be able to make smarter health decisions for his dog as over 200 health tests are covered. Knowledge is power!

Google Nest Cam

We love our outdoor cameras for monitoring activity around our home. Unlike other cameras we’ve tried, the Nest stores video for 30 days and gives you plenty of time to review and save interesting clips to your phone or desktop or account.

This outdoor cam has held up well in our extreme desert temps which vary between freezing nights and outrageously hot days with the sun blaring. You never know what you may see! Just last week, we learned a coyote enjoys hanging around our front door.

Keep in mind that there may be some additional costs associated with this gift, but they are not required (you can just use a free account):

  • $6/mo for storing 30 days of history or
  • $12/mo for 60 days of event video history and 10 days of 24/7 video monitoring access.

Staying Home with Dogs & Dad

Whiskey Glass: The Dog Father

National Etching has the ideal old-fashioned glass for dad. This whiskey glass holds a 10.25 oz, but he’ll only need a finger or two for the game. This hand-etched, lead-free glass is dishwasher-safe and etched, not printed. Best of all, it’s made in the USA

DogFather Whisky Rocks

Slip Lead

These British style slip leads leads are ideal for quickly gaining control of your pet at home or on the road whether they are wearing a collar or not.

Available in 39 colors and two lengths, they are the perfect solution for you dad and his dog. Not only are they are the softest leashes out there )they fit your hand like a perfectly fitted glove), they are also pliable enough to roll up and put in your pocket.

Made of waterproof, UV-resistant multi-filament polypropylene rope that is easy to clean and maintains vibrancy. Choose from 4’ or 6’ lengths and two diameters:

  • ½” rope is for dogs 50-250 lbs
  • ⅜” rope is for dogs under 50 lbs

Make sure dad knows how to use the slide locks so your dog is safe and your man is happy.

British style Slip Lead

Hands free dog leash

If your dog and his dad love running, this is a leash to have. Kurgo’s 6 in 1 Quantum leash makes it easy to run with your dog!

Kurgo 6-in-1 Quantum Leash

We love the way it will fit cross shoulder or around your waist to keep your dog close, but can be expanded out to 72″ to let them move a bit. The carabiner also features a handy bottle owner because, let’s face it – every dog should have access to a bottle opener!

Happy “Pawther’s Day” Card

Don’t forget the cute gift card! We wrote a couple of special poems for you dad that we welcome you to print out and give them.

Father's Day Gift Card from the Dog
Father's Day Gift Card from the Cat

Wishing all the men out there a very happy Father’s Day – whether you’re a pet parent or a human parent (or both)!


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