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10 Stocking Stuffers under $25 for Dogs


We’ve compiled our dogs’ (and a couple of our own) most favorite products through the year. Here is a list of stocking stuffers we highly recommend for your dogs – no matter what their size, shape or breed!

1. Honest Kitchen Treats: We’ve become health nuts and so have our pets. Their favorite “chews” this year are Beams from The Honest Kitchen – they come from the clean ocean waters of Iceland, are dried into long strips (with a consistency of jerky) and last for about 3 minutes. But, they are super delicious! Small dogs will love the “Wishes” treats, which is in small bite-size chunks for little mouths. (Save 10% with coupon code: PETSWEEK) Only $8.99 at The Honest Kitchen

2. Go Dog Baby Dragons from Quaker Pet Group Toys: goDog™ is a fun brand from Quaker Pet Group featuring toys for dogs of all breeds and sizes. A wide array of goDog toys are available with tough Chew Guard™ technology. The dogs love the plush material and innovative squeakies and paper wraps. We love their durability and replacement guarantee if your pet chews through it. Choose from Dragons, Squeakers, Dinos, Crazy Tugs, Zombiez, Yetis, Gators, Wingers, and holiday-themed toys that any pet will adore! Visit Quaker Pet Group to learn more about their extensive product line. Only $9.98 on Amazon

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3. DERMagic: A must-have for any animal, whether they have skin issues or not. The certified organic shampoo bars (aka, ‘Spoo bars’ at $9.95) is our top recommendation for frequent bathing (every groomer should have these in stock) and the skin rescue lotion ($15.95) is our personal favorite. A special hint: use the Dead Sea Salt Scrub ($12.50) to eliminate dandruff on your dogs! (Save 10% by using coupon code: PETSWEEKLY) Only $11.95 – $15.95 on DERMagic site


4. ModaPet Dog Bowl: These stylish bowls are the ultimate in pet bowls. Made from BPA-free plastics, they are weighted, dishwasher safe, and hold up to the toughest pets. LOVE! You can read our review of the bowls here. Prices range from $10.99 – $24.95 on Amazon.


5. Woodrow Wear Power Paws : This is one of those products we thought we wouldn’t like and ended up using more than the traditional boots for everything from medical care to make our dog stop licking his paws. The non-slip surface helps dogs feel more comfortable on slick surfaces (tile and boats are the top of our list), and come in a variety of sizes to ensure a purrfect fit. Trust me on this – you need at least one set of socks per dog to preserve your hardwood floors and give some extra traction to your elderly dogs! Your pup won’t even know they are wearing them… Read more about the sizing for your pet here. Only $19.99 for a set of four socks.

6. PupLight: There have been many improvements made to the PupLight since we first reviewed them in 2008. This is an awesome product for your dogs and a must-have during winter when darkness comes early – it allows you to see 30 ft ahead, uses inexpensive AAA batteries, and provides 360-degree visibility. Twice as bright as the last model, this version comes with a reflective collar and helps keep you and your dogs safe when walking at night. Buy one for yourself – it’s great for power outages! Prices range from $15.00 – $20.52 on Amazon.


7. Blanket ID: We love it because they come in any design we could ever want, is waterproof, and works to get our pets identified and get them home if they ever got lost. The dogs love it because it’s super lightweight, never falls apart, and looks super stylish on them.

8. Gerrard Lariett Jasmine Aromatherapy Freshening Spray For Pets: This is a wonderful refresher for dogs who are stressed out by the holiday bustle. If your household has been less than calming these days, spritz your pup with a spray or two of this mood-lifting jasmine. Lanolin naturally rehydrates dry winter skin and custom-formulated moisturizing agents leave the coat fragrant and shiny between baths. Available at $16.00 from Amazon.

9. Quiet Tea from The Honest Kitchen: Everyone gets excited during the holidays and your pet is no exception. Try out this new nutritional herbal tea for dogs and cats, which is designed to help promote calmness and alleviate anxiety and holiday tension. Simply brew the tea, allow to cool and serve with food. The tea contains oatstraw, chamomile, passionflower, skullcap and Valerian root. Only $10.99 from The Honest Kitchen. Save 10% with coupon code: PETSWEEK

10. Stop! Quiet! Off! Training Spray for Dogs : This is a great product to quickly grab your dog’s attention during the times they are very excited – like the holidays. Whether you’re keeping  your dog from jumping and don’t have the proper time to train them correctly, or keeping your dog from climbing on the counter, this lightly-scented spray helps grab their attention and reminds them that you’re the pack leader!


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