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CritterZone Eliminates Pet Odors & Restores Air Quality


From stinky litter boxes to wet dogs, being a pet parent means we are challenged with what non-pet-parents find “stinky.” So, if you’ve ever plugged in a room diffuser to cover up the smell of having pets, this is an article you need to read. You need to read it because you know as well as we do that keeping a safe pet household entails a lot more than masking odors. It’s about air purification and filtration, not sprays and air deodorizers.

This is why we’re so completely impressed with the new air purifier from CritterZone. Let’s face it, as pet parents, the odors of dealing with pets can be the biggest challenge we have to overcome.

According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, animal allergies affect about 10 percent of the total U.S. population. Those numbers only reflect those who admit they have allergies. The truth is, most pet parents are highly allergic to their animals, but they never admit it because there isn’t a chance in the world they will ever surrender their pets for this reason. That’s why air purification is so important.

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Natural Air Restoration Technology is:

  • Filterless – No filters to buy or maintain.
  • Powerful – One of these small units can handle the entire ground floor of an average sized home.
  • Cost effective – consumes 1/20th of a 60 watt light bulb

Air purification is more than covering up odors. It’s about creating and maintaining a healthy way of life for you and your pets. Regularly using an air purifier is among the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s top recommended strategies for maintaining healthier indoor air.

There are two types of technologies available to remove allergens and other particles from the air:

  1. HEPA: This is a mechanical system that operates on filters. While effective, it gets very expensive to constantly replace filters and fans.
  2. Electrostatic: Air filtration is accomplished through the use of electrostatic technology, which works by drawing air through an ionization system. The particles receive an electrical charge and are then collected onto flat plates, or released into the air as negatively charged ions.

CritterZone Air Purifier from Air Restore works on electrostatic technology. We were lucky enough to stumble upon them at the SuperZoo show this year. And we weren’t the only ones who were impressed. SuperZoo themselves awarded them 1st place in the New Products Showcase!


This award came as no surprise to us. We had only to stop by their booth for a demo of the product and we were sold. Natural air restoration is the technology that makes CritterZone so unique.

The effect is something that is difficult to describe in writing. I’ll give you the short version. We saturated a gauze pad with pure ammonia (which was incredibly offensive to the olfactory glands, but we do what we need to in the name of science). We then held the guaze pad in front of the CritterZone filter for about 20 seconds. When we sniffed it again, there was NO hint of ammonia. None. Nada. Nothing whatsoever.

They had me at hello…

The CritterZone Wall Plug-in Air Purifier retails at $89.95.  At only 4 ½ x 3 x 2 ½ inches, it easily fits on any wall and you don’t have to worry about it taking up table space. Move it from room to room as needed, or buy a couple of them and never worry about “bad air” or “pet smells” again.

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