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Dog Waste Digester Generates Energy


Dog parks powered by dog waste? It’s not only possible, it’s being accomplished in Gilbert, Arizona. The new program, called “Think Twice,” is a new environmental sustainability program in association with Good360 and PetSmart. Introduced just in time for Earth Day on April 22, this program focuses on new ways to green technology.

The Town of Gilbert is working closely with PetSmart to institute a “Dog Waste Digester”  at the popular Cosmo Dog Park in Gilbert, Ariz. This “digester” will transform dog waste into energy that will provide lighting in the park.

Gilbert’s Solid Waste Department has worked closely with students at Arizona State University through the Think Twice program to develop this innovative, cost-effective, energy-efficient technology.

“Through Think Twice, we continue to develop innovative and sustainable solutions internally and within the community,” said Jaye Perricone, Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Development for PetSmart. “We’re committed to sustainability not only because it’s good for business, but because it’s the right thing to do.”

Started in 2008, PetSmart’s Think Twice platform identified six Sustainable Priorities to address and reduce the environmental impact of the retailer’s corporate, store and distribution facilities: Energy and Carbon; Waste; Recycling; Water; Green Products and Partnerships; and Engagement.

In 2011, PetSmart tested a “hardgoods donation program” with the help of non-profit vendor Good260. The program, which will be rolled out to all PetSmart stores by the end of 2012, will help keep over 3,000 dumpsters of product from going to landfills and instead be used to support pets in the care of adoption agencies.

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