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25 Gifts for Cats under $5


Treats for Cats[/heading] 

Whole Life Salmon Treats

These are excellent single-ingredient treats that your cats will love. It’s $5.11, but close enough (and high enough quality) that we HAD to include it on our $5 and under list. Made with 100% pure salmon.

Whole Life Salmon

Hagen CatIt Treat Ball Maze

Keep your cats entertained when they get their treats – this maze ball from Catit is loads of fun! It’s ony $4.48 with free shipping!

Cat Maze

Compressed Catnip Balls

These compressed balls of catnip are fun for cats to roll around the house and play with – at only $0.99 each, you’re going to love them as well!

Compressed Catnip Ball

TikiCat Sardine in Lobster Consomme

If you haven’t tried this food on your cats, you should. Made from real sardine cutlets and fresh lobster consomme, this is a great treat or food for your cats.

Tiki Cat


Avoderm Cat Food 

It’s not technically a treat, but if your’e trying to get your cat onto a better diet, this is a great treat-type food to give them. At ony $1.71 a can, you can give them some every day!


Natural Dog Company

Training Clicker

Any cat can be clicker-trained, so before you give them a tasty treat, be sure you use the opportunity for training. When you give your cat instruction, such as “sit”, and he sits – you click the cat clicker in conjunction with praise or a material reward (treat, favorite toy, etc.). This teaches your cat that the clicker sound represents response for a wanted action. Only $3.95 and free shipping!


We hope these give you some fun ideas on how to manage your holiday gift lists!

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