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25 Gifts for Cats under $5


Supplies for Cats

Bella Bowls from Loving Pets

These made our holiday list for the year and at only $3.19 each, they have also found their way onto this list. They are machine washable, have rubber footings so you don’t have to worry about slippage and are shallow so every cat will enjoy (no whisker stress!). Choose from a variety of adorable styles and sizes.

Loving Pets Argyle

Eastabile Silicone Collapsing Travel Bowls 

These not only make great bowls, but also act as food measures for dry kibble. We also keep several in our trucks for when we’re on the road and come across stray animals. This silicone bowl is only $0.99 + $3.99 shipping and it features a Carabiner clip.

Silicone Bowl

Soft and Warm Leopard Bed Mat Cushion

Embrace your cat’s wild side with this soft blanket that can be placed anywhere – we think it’s great in crates or in areas where cat’s love to sleep. At only $1.29 and $2.99 shipping, you can pick up a few of them (remember your local shelters always need blankets in winter!)

Leopard Blanket

Soft Nails Caps

These are great for anyone who wants to keep their furniture intact, but don’t want to declaw your cat (please NEVER declaw your cats!). Use these instead. Only $2.55 and free shipping!


Silicone Scratcher

Pets At Home Emergency Self-Laminating ID Cards

Before you hit the road with your family, be sure that if anything happens to you, people know your pets are left at home alone. This can save a life! Only $4.50 – get it before you leave.

Natural Dog Company

Emergency Care Card

Travel Labels

Label your travel carriers and crates so that there is never any confusion about which way is up. Set of 5 Labels – 1 Kennel Name Tag IATA compliant green/white Poly Labels – water proof Printed on REFLECTIVE Label Stock, rounded corners

Reflective Kennel Tag

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Embark Vet

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