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The Ultimate Clean Pet Upright Knows Pets


If you’re anything like me, you are constantly fighting the battle of a clean home. This is especially true after the holidays, when pine needles have been tracked around the house, dogs and cats are petted and brushed almost constantly, and mud is being tracked indoors on a regular basis.

I hate carpet, and yet our entire house has wall-to-wall carpet flooring.

This is why finding a good vacuum is so important to me. We can burn through a vacuum inside of a few weeks, so we love finding the ones that have staying power.

The Eureka Ultimate Clean Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner is one that we’ll be keeping around for a good, long time. There is a lot to love in this power package!

Disclaimer: We have received product samples to review, however our opinions are our own and we are under no obligation to the vendor. We use affiliate links when possible, which means we may receive a small percentage of a sale. Thanks for using them to help us continue our ability to bring you quality content and keep our pets fed!

Retractable Cord

First off, it features a retractable cord that is 27-foot long (which is probably one of my more favorite features). Just push a button and it winds itself up (a HUGE win with us). No more tripping over frightened animals as they scatter room to room, jumping over cords as you clumsily attempt to rewind it.

The extra-long cord, a 10 ft. hose and a 2 ft. wand allows you to reach the most difficult cleaning places, and are easily assembled. But, the other feature we love most is the Scatterproof Crumb Cleaner™, which helps you clean up cat litter without scattering it all over the house.

More Cleaning Room

This vacuum features a 13″ cleaning width, which comes in handy when you’re cleaning large swaths of carpet, and the 1.8-liter capacity in the tank holds plenty of hair so you’re not having to empty it 20 times.

At 22 lbs, this is a bit heavier than a few of the other vacuums we’ve tried, but the fact that it makes large cleaning marks in our carpet more than makes up for it. I love that “just vacuumed” look that it brings out in our older carpeting – it’s a look that other vacuums don’t offer us.

Maximum Deep Cleaning & Suction Engineered with AirSpeed Technology® and enhanced cyclonic action to separate dust particles from the air flow, keeping the filter cleaner for continuous suction power and deep cleaning.  Best of all, it doesn’t fill up too quickly – the extra large dust cup with a high performance cyclone is easily emptied and provides no loss of suction so you always get a deeper clean.

Cleaning Tools

Pet Pal® Cleaning Tools Plus PET Power Paw®, Crevice Tool and Dusting Brush easily remove pet hair from stairs, carpet and upholstery. But unlike other vacuums, this one doesn’t lose power in the tools, so it actually pulls hair from crevices.

Allergen Filter

It features an Arm & Hammer® Fresh Home Allergen Filter which helps trap allergens and dust in your home – this is a really nice extra if you’re expecting holiday visitors. Another bonus is that the filter is easily washed (so you don’t have to order dozens of replacements on filters). Just wash and dry when necessary, then pop it back in.

Other “Standard” Features

Of course, it’s also got all of the other features that we have come to expect in a vacuum, including:

  • Floor Type Selector
  • On/Off Brushroll Button (for bare floors or carpets)
  • Floors-and-Tools Suction Control
  • Scuff-Protect Furniture Guard

Where to Buy

The Ultimate Clean Pet Upright Vacuum by Eureka is also available at Walmart. It retails for $179, which makes it affordable AND effective. Pick yours up today – we know you’ll love it!

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