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25 Gifts for Cats under $5


Grooming Supplies for Cats

Who can’t use new grooming comb? These are some great items to help you with routine brushing, combing and just generalized grooming.

Hugs Pet Products Bamboo Massaging Brush for Cats

Untangle and smooth your pet’s fur with the Hugs Bamboo Massaging Pin Brush

Hugs Pet Products

Kole Pet Grooming Palm Brush  

When you need to get a job done, this will help. The palm brush fits around your hand and makes a secure hold for grooming your pets. Only $3.75 and free shipping on orders over $49

Grooming Brush

Le Salon Essentials Combo Brush

The combo brush is a 2-in-1 grooming brush that removes dead hair while penetrating deep into the coat to lift out dirt and debris. Only $4.00 and free shipping on orders over $49

2-in-1 Cat Brush

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