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If you’re in the market for an activity tracker, but aren’t quite ready to commit to daily tracking charges and dead batteries, we have a solution. The Hachiko Sensor is a new smart collar that never needs to be charged and does an amazing job of tracking your pet’s activity levels. Keep in mind, this is not a GPS tracker. Rather, it’s a wearable tech item that will help you determine what your dog is doing and how often they’re doing it. This is a great benefit for those whose dog has gone through surgery and you’re not quite sure how active he is, or if you have an older pet and you’re not sure how much she’s sleeping, or if you just want to see how long your walks are each day.

Disclaimer: We received a Hachiko Pet Tracker for review. This has in no way obligated to discuss or write about the product. PetsWeekly only shares information we believe our readers would like to know. We use affiliate links where possible - thank you for using these to keep this site alive!


The biggest benefit of this unit is to track the number of steps your pet takes each day. This is a huge boon for healthcare and weight loss. If your pet isn’t as active, you can get him into the vet for a checkup or step up the playtime that night. Knowledge is power. Since you get real-time updates, you can easily determine what’s happening in your home while you’re away. If you get a package and your dog responds to the UPS Driver, you won’t have any trouble figuring out what time that package was delivered. You can also join the community and share your pet’s information with other dogs or cats in the neighborhood, other similar breeds, or other like-minded people who care about their pet’s health.

Battery Life

There’s no need to charge this unit. The battery lasts up to 12 months. That’s one of our most favorite things about this tracker. If, for any reason, your battery does not last at least that long, Hachiko will replace it at no cost. It’s one of the things we love!


It’s 100% waterproof (not just water-resistant). That means, your dog can swim, run through the rain, or go surfing without fear of destroying the unit. Go ahead, run the beach, swim in the lake, or just talk your pet into going out in the rain - it won't damage this sturdy unit!


The unit is very affordable - at only $39.99 on Amazon, and there are no recurring fees for mobile use or other charges. You can afford to get one for each of your pets! Sign up is simple: Just attach the unit to your pet’s collar, then download the app for free for each of your devices. We used it without any problem at all on our iPad.

Each Hachiko works on one pet at a time. Can you remove it and add to a different pet’s collar? Well, sure. But your data may be skewed, especially if you have dogs of different sizes.

What Does It Track?

Well, lots of things. For example, I currently have Cheiss’ daily step goal at 1500 steps. Now, this doesn't sound like a lot, and Hachiko tells me it's not. In fact, they recommend nearly twice that number of steps. However, he's old and we're happy when he just makes the 1,500 steps each day. On his great days, he's well above that amount. On his bad days, which I can easily tell from his movement levels, he may only be around 500 steps. Those are the days I know we can feed him a little less and maybe increase his medication.On days when he's not moving much at all, we're off to the veterinarian's office.

The other two dogs are always bouncing around somewhere. It's not only a fun way to track our own steps since they are the ones we take for walks, but seeing our progress in helping them stay active and progressively getting them into better shape.

Can My Cat Wear It?

This is one that is small enough it should fit most cats. We put it on our smaller 13-lb cat and she had no problem carrying it around with her for a day. I do think it may be a bit much for dogs and cats of the teacup variety, not that it's big or heavy, just that even a few ounces can be a lot for our tiny pets. But for most pets, it won't be a problem at all.

We recommend this unit after several months of testing. It will make a fantastic gift for yourself or some lucky pet!

Features of Hachiko Pet TrackerHachiko Pet Tracker

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