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Leo’s Loo Too Automated Litterbox Simplifies Pet Care

Automated cat litter box

As feline aficionados well know, the joys of having a cat as a companion often come hand in hand with the less glamorous task of cleaning out the litter box. However, thanks to the latest innovation in pet care technology in the form of Leo’s Loo Too automated litterbox (from Casa Leo Pet), this once-dreaded chore might soon be a thing of the past.

Harnessing the power of automation, Leo’s Loo Too is revolutionizing the way we manage our furry friends’ waste, promising cat owners a hassle-free and hygienic solution to litter maintenance.

We have been using the Leo’s Loo Too automated litterbox for about six weeks and we absolutely love it. We tested it in a variety of scenarios – from a room filled with cats (8 to be exact) to a single cat room – and it performed marvelously across the board.

Leo’s Loo Too automated litterbox offers a smart and sleek design and boasts an array of features tailored to simplify the lives of both cats and their human caregivers. The self-cleaning mechanism within the litterbox ensures that waste is promptly and efficiently disposed of, maintaining a consistently clean environment for your beloved pet.

Equipped with motion sensors, the system detects when your cat enters and exits, triggering the cleaning process without any manual intervention. This not only saves time and effort but also promotes a more sanitary living space, reducing the risk of unwanted odors and bacteria accumulation.

Ultra-violet light treatment disrupts the RNA and DNA of bacteria, viruses, and germs – ensuring you don’t have to worry about bacteria from cleaning. This is a game-changer for many people!


Advanced Technology

Leo’s Loo Too offers many advances in technology, including:

  • Whisper-quiet technology (we’re talking VERY quiet!)
  • Ultra-violet light bacteria elimination (one of my most favorite features!)
  • Wi-fi enabled mobile app that allows you to track your cat’s weight and activity data (this is a huge benefit!)
  • Anti-pinch sensor safety system (it will stop movement as soon as it detects movement)
  • 9.5L Drawer size (the large drawer means less frequent dumping and cleaning!)
  • Alexa and Google compatible (I’m using google, more on that shortly)
  • Weight Tracking (this is an incredible feature for accurately tracking your cat’s health and can even help you identify potential health problems)

User-Friendly Technology

Leo’s Loo Too goes beyond mere functionality, incorporating user-friendly controls and customizable settings that accommodate various cat preferences. With adjustable cleaning cycles and litter depths, pet owners can personalize the experience to suit their cats’ specific needs, ensuring a comfortable and familiar environment for their furry companions.

The accompanying mobile application further enhances the user experience, allowing for remote monitoring and management of the litterbox, providing real-time updates and maintenance alerts.

This litterbox is compatible with both Google and Alexa home, which means your tech should do fine with it.

Cat Care that Exceeds the Norm

As the demand for pet-friendly innovations continues to surge, Leo’s Loo Too stands as a shining example of how technology can elevate the pet care experience. Leo’s Loo Too helps to decrease the chore of daily scooping, keeps your home smelling fresh and clean, and makes it easier to live with our beloved cats.

Simplifying the upkeep of litter boxes, this automated system caters to the needs of modern cat owners, offering a harmonious blend of convenience, hygiene, and comfort for cats.

How it Compares to Other Systems

Don’t get us wrong – we love almost anything that makes our lives easier. For a long time, Litter Robot was the only game in town. Then a slew of other automated cat boxes came into the pet scene.

I can’t say for certain which automated litterbox system is best for your individual situation, but I can tell you that we love the design, efficiency and ease of use on the Leo’s Loo Too by Casa Leo. Why? Because:

  • The work to keep it clean is very minimal (empty the bag once a day, week or several weeks depending on the number of cats it serves)
  • The unit is the quietest one on the market and purrs silently while it’s at work, making it ideal for litterbox shy cats and;
  • The litterbox itself is a beautiful addition to any household decor. You won’t have to hide this unit in an enclosed area.

How Much Does it Cost

This is a big investment, no matter how many cats you have. Let’s face it – not many of us have a few hundred dollars lying around. But, when you tally up the cost of reduced use of litter, the time spent cleaning, and the number of bags used (since you clean it less often), it’s a no-brainer. Your cat will appreciate walking into a very clean box, and you will love never having to smell a cat box.

This is an investment that pays off in decreased work load, the elimination of litter-related smells, and much happier cats. Casa Leo also makes sure you don’t have to worry about litter being tracked when your cat leaves the box.

To save even more, be sure to purchase the Leo’s Loo Too Starter Bundle. In addition to the actual unit, his package also arrives with:

  • Leo Loo’s Too Litter Mat: This litter-trapper mat that ensures litter stays in the mat rather than having your cat track it around the house.
  • 3 Leo Loo’s Too Plush Cat Toys: My cats still play with these fun cat toys shaped like a cat paw, a pear and an adorable black cat.
  • 25-pack Waste Drawer Liners: How long these last depends on how many cats are using the box.

With its cutting-edge features and dedication to user convenience, Leo’s Loo Too is undeniably a game-changer in the world of pet care, exemplifying the evolving relationship between technology and animal welfare. As the purr-fect solution for cat owners seeking a hassle-free approach to litter management, Leo’s Loo Too is not just an investment in convenience but a testament to the enduring bond between humans and their feline companions.

Prioritize your cat’s comfort and well-being while fostering a cleaner, more enjoyable living environment for the whole family.

Order your Leo’s Loo Too from Casa Leo today! They are currently offering a special where you can save $100 off your order, and I suggest running to grab this amazing deal!


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