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10 Pet Related Tax Write-Offs You Should Know About

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Every year, I ask my CPA if there is a way to write off my pets. Every year, he laughs at me. It makes me feel like Scarlet from Gone with the Wind...

"But, sir,” I plead. “I am the only form of support for these animals! I feed them, provide shelter, give them training, pay for doggie daycare, make sure they are clothed; why, I even cover their medical expenses!"

Like Scarlet’s father, my CPA stares at me with his piercing blue eyes. “Now, Ms. Stacy, it’s just that the IRS don’t see animals that way. To them, those animals are just plain ol’ property - the same as that tree over yonder.”

“Do you mean to tell me that these creatures mean nothing to those awful tax people? That land and money is the only thing worth fightin’ for? Worth dyin’ for?”

“Why, land and money is the only thing that lasts, Ms. Stacy,” says my CPA. “Now, you go on home and let the menfolk take care of this. Taxes just ain’t fit for a lady as gentle as you  to be fussin’ over.”

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5 Pet-Safe Ways to Remove Ice

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I'll be honest - we don't have much of a call to worry about ice or snow in my neck of the woods. We experience a hard freeze maybe five times a year, but by mid-morning the ice is gone. That said, we have a lot of readers who do have snow and for this reason, we want to talk about ice melts and the safest ones to use around animals. 

Snow blowers, shovels, and even "powered brooms" are simple to use - and given the option, we prefer those for snow removal. But my days growing up in Utah remind me  you need something different for ice removal. Rock salt is effective, but let's face it - it's hard on cars, people and pets. Besides, who wants to salt a walkway and have it melt into your garden? That's the stuff of ancient lore (remember "salting the earth" so no one could live there again?). 

There are safer alternatives for the paws of our pets and wildlife (and our gardens). We're taking a look at five of them today... 

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Tipping Guide for Pet Professionals

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Gratuities can be a bone of contention among many pet parents. They shouldn't be, though. We entrust others with the light of our lives and they should be rewarded if they are trustworthy and go above and beyond the call of duty.

Good people are hard to find. Particularly when you're trusting them with your kids and pets. This is why you'll want to take care of the ones you have come to rely on.

Do you tip your pet sitters? Your doormen? Your trainer? If so, we want to hear from you. Let us know how much and how often you reward those who are care for you and your pets.

Meanwhile, here are our recommendations on tipping and gratuities (during the holidays and every other time) for all those who assist with your pet…

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Swiffer Welcomes Your Child’s First Pet (Because #ShedHappens)

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As far as we're concerned, there are few things more important in life than getting your first pet. Handled properly, it’s an event that focuses on the entire family and their responsibilities. The new dog or cat (or other species) "technically” belongs to the entire family, but if you're like I was when I was younger (or any other child at that age), you know in your heart that the newest four-legged friend is all yours.

It’s an experience that every child in the world should look back on with fond memories. Sadly, according to the second annual Swiffer Cleaning Index, while 93% of American parents feel that having a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences a child can have, 75% of those parents agree that concerns over pet-related messes could prevent them from getting one.

That's why  we’re talking about ways that you can keep your home spotless (and make cleaning so fun your kids will help)

This year, we’re working with Swiffer® to show every parent how easy it is to keep their home clean, even if they have a pet. We don’t want any child to miss out on the opportunity to live with, care for, and bond with an animal - the experience is THAT important!

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Swiffer and BarkBox Remind New Pet Parents that #ShedHappens

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Everyone remembers their first pet. Whether it was a guinea pig, hamster, dog or a cat - nothing beats that feeling of proving you’re strong enough, big enough, and most importantly - responsible enough - to care for another living creature...

My first pet was a giant German Shepherd dog named Lance, and we had a bond that will never be forgotten (which you can read more about in A Story of Animal Communication). Our kids first pets were also dogs, and they have since grown to be responsible pet parents and remarkable adults.

Dogs teach kids everything they need to know about life. From personal responsibility to loyalty, every important lesson we learn is a result of our first pet.

As your kids prepare for their first pet, it’s important to teach them responsible pet care. That doesn’t just mean brushing and feeding and playing with your pet, it means cleaning up after them. Swiffer® can help you manage pet hair and achieve a thorough clean of the house in just minutes. Best of all, they make cleaning fun for kids.

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