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Cooling Mats Help Keep Pets Cool

keep pets cool in summer

Heat is a big problem in the Southwest and it’s becoming a bigger problem as the earth continues to warm. Cooling mats for pets vary dramatically. Cooling mats for pets are excellent ways to help your pet stay cool on a hot day. Cooling mats can be placed outdoors in the shade, in a kennel, on the floor or bed, or anywhere else your pets love to frequent. As Arizonians, we have used the majority of them and want to share our findings.

Choosing the best cooling mat for your pet can be challenging. Some require refrigeration, others are self-regulating, and still others require access to electricity. Today, we’re looking at self-regulating cooling mats that actually help your pets without requiring any type of external support (such as a power source).

These are a few of the self-regulating, non-electric cooling mats that we’ve found to be effective. None of them require refrigeration or electricity to function.

cooling mats for pets

Arc-Chill Luxear Cooling Mat

Arc-Chill LUXEAR Cooling Blanket

The Arc-Chill Pro Double-Side Cool Blanket with Absorbs Heat to Keep Cool on

This pad is a great cost-effective way to keep pets (and people) cool during summer. It can help pets stay comfortable in kennels, homes or even in the great outdoors by absorbing and dispelling body heat.

Since it’s important to keep this cooling mat dry for it to remain effective, it comes with a visual humidity indicator card. If the indicator card is pink, then you should dry the mat and when the color is blue, it can be used normally. Keep it dry and refreshed to prevent skin conditions or matted fur.

  • Cooling Technology: The Cool-Dry Tech features Japanese Q-Max >0.4 Cooling Fiber, 100% Cotton Backing [Oeko-TEX Certified], 80% mica nylon, 20% PE Arc-Chill Pro cool fabric on the top side. Double sided. 100% natural breathable cotton on warm side.
  • Machine washable: Yes (do not use dryer – instead, just hang dry)
  • What our Pets Love: It’s anti-static (which is ideal for dry climates), and soft while providing some relief from body heat.
  • What We Love: Safe, easy to clean, machine washable, humidity card, and has a simple design that makes it a good choice for dogs who chew. We also love that this technology is available for humans (making it a great option for hot sleepers).


NOTE: Prices may vary but were correct at time of publication.

  • $12.99 Small 18” x 24”
  • $15.99 Medium 20 x 30”
  • $18.99 Large 27” x 36”
  • XL 32 x 44”
cooling mats for pets
Arc Pet Cooling Pad

Green Pet Cooling Mat: Green Pet Store

We’ve talked about this mat before and you probably know why we love it for our extreme Arizona summers, but here’s a quick review. The Green Pet Cooling Mat is a pressure-activated cooling mat that soothes your dog and provides a comfortable spot for up to three hours. It features a gel formula that automatically recharges after 15-to-20 minutes, and requires NO refrigeration or other cooling. The portable mat can be laid on the\ floor or used on a sofa, in a crate, or outdoors.

  • Cooling Technology: Gel
  • Machine washable: No, hand wash or wipe only.
  • What our Pets Love: The extra cushion provides some extra relief to achy joints and the cooling is physically noticeable. This is the mat our cat actively seeks out during summer.
  • What We Love: The patented gel formula automatically recharges after 15-20 minutes of non-use. We can use it at night or during the day as well as our pets. The cooling gel is a relief during summer while you’re sitting in a hot office chair. We know that even if our pets chew it, they will not be poisoned. It’s also a green product, meaning there is nothing that will hurt the earth. The last thing we want to do is create more of a problem for cooling our earth!


NOTE: Prices may vary but were correct at time of publication.

  • Small: $39.99 and measures 16” x 12” (approximately 1/2″ thick)
  • Medium: $49.99 and measures 20″ x 16″ (approximately 1″ thick)
  • Large: $59.99 and measures 35″ x 24″ (approximately1″ thick)
  • XL: $69.99 and measures 43″ x 28″ and is approximately 2″ thick
cooling mats for pets
Green Pet Shop Cooling Mat

Reliancer Elevated Cooling Bed with Shade

This is a bed that we have not been able to physically try out, but it’s receiving some chatter on Amazon, so we’re including it here. The Reliancer features an elevated stand and a base fabric that allows extra cooling via air flow. These types of beds are always preferable to beds that lie on the ground since the air flow helps keep pets cooler.

This bed folds up into an easy to carry package for ease in transport and storage. If you love spending days at the beach or taking your dog out camping, this may be the cooling bed for you.

  • Cooling Technology: Gel
  • Machine washable: No, hand wash or wipe only.
  • What Our Pets Would Probably Love: The pet bed’s elevated design raises your pet more than 9.1 inches up off the ground, which allows air to flow freely from all directions, meanwhile it keeps your pet off of cold, hot and hard surfaces,offers joint-relief for your pets that struggle with lying on a hard ground as well.
  • What We Love: The attached canopy provides shade wherever you go – it appears to be great for the beach.


NOTE: Prices may vary but were correct at time of publication.

  • $69.69 and size is 8″L x 36″W x 43.3″H (featuring a maximum weight capacity of up to 120 lbs)

cooling mats for pets
Reliancer Cooling Pet Bed


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