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All About Horses | PetsWeekly

Teaching Children to Approach Horses

I have a problem with parents who just allow their kids just run up to strange animals. In fact today, a very young child somehow made it underneath the stomach of my blind horse.

I can't begin to express the danger that a 1,300 lb animal presents to a 30 lb child - especially one who can't see the child!  I am grateful that my hooved partner is so responsive to what I say and stood firmly. If not, this child could have easily been killed.  I can't imagine what could have happened had my horse been a younger or more reactive animal.

Allowing your child to run up to an unknown animal, or approaching one yourself, can be very dangerous. 

It doesn't matter how well-trained or well-behaved an animal is, approaching them blindly is dangerous. By not teaching proper etiquette, a child's, an animal's, the handler's, and possibly your own life may be at risk.  Don’t risk yourself or your children.

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So, You Bought Me For Your Little Girl

So you bought me for your little girl...

Wow! The smile I brought to her face.  I didn't like her running around me at first, constantly kissing my nose, the braiding and unbraiding of my mane or following her aimlessly around the barn but you were right.  I would grow to love your beautiful, spirited little girl.  She was your special girl and I would become hers. 

Do you remember our first show together?  She was beautiful in her blonde ponytail. 

You bought me a bridle for her 16th birthday--pink, her favorite color, and a warm blanket for the Fall.  I stood so proud even though the other horses were scary to me. I could feel her excitement and we won first place.

Do you remember her first boyfriend?  I do. 

It was when I stood at the gate every morning for an entire week but the pat on my nose as she left for the school bus every morning became a kiss on his cheek as he she hopped in the car. 

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Low-Cost Gelding Clinic is CA Success

The National Equine Resource Network's (NERN) low-cost gelding clinic program in California has reduced the number of stallions in Huntington Beach and Salinas by twenty-five, according to Shirley Puga, head of the nonprofit rescue organization. NERN was founded last year to help equine rescue sanctuaries continue their work during the lean economic times.

The two gelding clinics were held in Huntington Beach and Salinas in March, gelding seven and 18 stallions respectively. They were the first in a series of low-cost castration clinics NERN has scheduled throughout California in 2011.

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Annual Arabian Horse Show

February is one of my most favorite months. The air is clear and crisp in Arizona, the temps are in the mid-70s for a few days, and we’re left with gorgeous days under cloudless blue skies. Arizona plays host to a vast number of local events that are encouraged to get us outside to enjoy the beautiful days. One of these is the Arabian Horse Show. I’ve had Arabian horses for most of my life (although I’m currently horse-less for a variety of reasons). I miss having horses around me; the musky scent of sun-warmed leather that fills a tack room, the bouquet of fresh-cut hay that reminds of all the good things in life, the spicy odor of horses that fills your heart. So I have to get my horse fix elsewhere and that is usually at the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale, where I can soak in all things horse-related for ten fun-filled days. The Annual Arabian Horse Show has occurred every year since 1955, with the first event taking place on the ground of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. My, how things have changed! It has grown from 50 horses to nearly 2400 horses in the years since. A win at this show means big money for the champions! If you haven’t been, we want to tell you about some reasons to attend that most folks won’t know. Whether you have horses or just adore watching them, this is an event you shouldn’t miss.

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National Equine Resource Network (NERN) Launches

Horse rescues & sanctuaries are struggling with high costs, low donations and a never-ending supply of horses. A new organization brings them hope…

Each year, more than 100,000 American horses cross the borders into Canada and Mexico where they are sold for slaughter. Countless thousands are seized by animal control officers in cases of abandonment, abuse or neglect, while an untold number of horses suffer silently in barns and backyards around the country. It seems an unfair fate for the animal that has, throughout history, given so much to mankind. Fields were plowed, battles were won, new frontiers were discovered and nations were built – all on the back of a horse.

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