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Synbiont Ag Wash Product Review


Surfawhat? Saniwhat?

Well, let’s talk about cleaners for a second shall we? Most cleaners you use contain surfactants. 

What surfactants do is break the surface tension of water, and allows it to wet things more uniformly. The other important part of what they do has to do with the molecular structure.  One end of the molecule is attracted to water, the other to dirt and grease.  This means that surfactants help water grab onto grime, break it apart, and carry it away as you wash.

The washing step is important during disinfection.  If you think about using a public restroom, the antibacterial sanitizer comes AFTER the soap step. This is the same way you are always supposed to clean anything. The cleaning step is extremely important because as I learned the other day that dirt can inactivate bleach!

Look at “chlorine”, the active portion of bleach. This is why you always have to wash, using a detergent, which contains surfactants, BEFORE you sanitize. You also have to choose the right sanitizer for the job. This is as important as getting the surface clean.

[heading style=”small-line” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#3a5472″]What is Synbiont Ag Wash?[/heading]

Now that we have a basic understanding of how cleaners and disinfection works, let’s talk about this particular cleaner.  Synbiont Ag Wash is a proprietary blend of surfactants. This blend not only delivers superior cleaning but antibacterial properties as well, which is unique among cleaning products.  The method of action is currently under study at some of the nation’s top universities.

Image Credit: Provided by Karen Chaton, of “Chief”. Karen and Chief compete in some of the toughest endurance races in the world.

Synbiont Ag Wash is also a food grade product.  It was developed as a cleaner for commercial produce.  This means it is safe to use on and near both food AND water.  You can clean dishes, food containers, buckets, even bits with it.

What this all tells us is that you don’t have to take two steps to do one job.  We all know that time is at a premium in the barn, especially when you’ve just returned from an event.  Synbiont Ag Wash will remove a step in your process, as well as ensure your animals are safe. You can wash your horse, cow, sheep, or other show animal down with the product, let them sit for 10 minutes and return them to their buddies in the pen with piece of mind.  You can wash your trailer inside and out – including the feed bin and water buckets.

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Synbiont Ag Wash is currently in use at many show and breeding facilities to clean and disinfect the grounds, stalls, and pens.  The Dairy and Pork industries, as well as Vegetable growers are embracing this product as an alternative way to ensure a safe and clean end product.  Noble Outfitters has also obtained a license to release a group of branded products powered by Synbiont.

Image Credit: Noble Outfitters

[note icon=”yes”]Our horse reviewer received samples of this product to test, but that the views expressed are her own. Any photos used are for illustrative purposes and not necessarily an endorsement of the product by farms featured or farms by Synbiont.[/note] [heading style=”small-line” color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#3a5472″]Review[/heading]

The views expressed here are my own and reflect my personal experience using the product.

So, as you all know by now, I’m all about biosecurity at the barn.  There are some nasty, nasty bugs out there, and I see no reason to even think about bringing them around my animals. I have surrounded myself with professionals (farrier, trainer, other barn and animal owners, veterinarians, etc) that all feel the same way. I, like the folks at Synbiont, believe this is going to be a bigger “deal” in the future. People are becoming more and more aware of how their common practices are either increasing or decreasing the chances of sickness spreading.

That said, I’m in love. I love this product.  I don’t say that often, but there it is. I appreciate the company’s commitment to health and safety, the fact that they realized that there are other applications outside of their original use, and that they are working on spreading knowledge about biosecurity. I learned quite a bit speaking to the company VP about biosecurity, cleaning, and disinfection.  He even gave me a great resource we’ll speak about in more detail in another article, but here’s the link to the EDCC for you to check out before that:

I have so far used my gallon of Synbiont Ag Wash Concentrate to: 

  • scrub my trailer inside and out
  • wash horses after going for a ride at another barn
  • scrub feed and water tubs for all 5 stalls plus pasture
  • added a capful to my mist system
  • Washed boots, jean bottoms, mounting block, hooves and feathers prior to loading at the end of a show, then again when we got home before putting away.
  • Washed all grooming buckets and tools
  • Cleaned trailer tack room and tack after shows (just in case)
  • gave some to my farrier to clean her tools
  • washed my dog crates and beds
  • cleaned cat carriers used on a trip to the vet (one had an accident in it)
    and I still have some left over!

This product has given me the confidence to show my horses again. I was always too worried about bringing something home to make my elderly horse sick.  Just like conventions, school, and other human gatherings can spread illness, so do horse shows, competitions, and races. I have enjoyed my first shows in many years recently thanks to this product.

Image Credit: Jennifer Krosp

I will definitely need a larger quantity soon, but that’s because I keep thinking of new ways to use it. I am afraid they’ll get tired of seeing my name pop up on their email or caller ID, but so far they haven’t.  I have found a few places locally that carry both Synbiont Ag Wash as well as Wound Wash. You may have some near you!  You can also order directly from Synbiont.

This is what I need, or the 55-gallon drum!

I noticed that there are less flies in the area the mist system sprays. I called up Synbiont to see if this was common and it seems flies don’t like it ; these effects are currently being studied by an entomologist in Florida. 

All told this product is fantastic. A BIG plus in my book, is unlike some of the trendy “natural cleaners” (I’m looking at you Tea Tree oil!) this is actually safe to use around ALL my animals – Dogs, cats, horses, goats and fowl. I haven’t found a use yet that hasn’t been safe and effective for.  While your mileage may vary, many big name horse tracks, as well as ag and equine facilities are already Synbiont users.  Noble Outfitters has licensed it. Synbiont Ag Wash must be doing something right.  Why not get some and give it a try? 

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