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A Look at Red Haute Horse Halters


While at Superzoo last year, I met so many wonderful people with great products that it was a bit overwhelming.  I was very excited to see the fun patterns in person that I had seen on the Yellow Dog Design and Red Haute Horse halter websites.  

I have to say meeting Mr. Dempsey was also pretty neat. You don’t expect to run into the company owner at a trade show!

This company has a culture of awesomeness that starts from the top, and it’s obvious when you meet one or both of the Dempsey brothers.

Yellow Dog Design began the Red Haute Horse halter in Greensboro, North Carolina in 2005.  They create their own designs, and make everything in their facility.  They employ local artists and workers, and donate to local rescues.  You can order halters on their website, and find their dog collars in various pet boutiques (or have your local pet store order them for you) and in online stores.  Red Haute Horse/Yellow Dog Design also guarantees their products and a simple contact is all it will take to get you going again should you experience an issue.

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As you know, I have draft horses.  I have to say, drafts are kind of left out in a lot of the fun things light horses get.  I understand that for a long time drafts have been used primarily for work, and your average farmer isn’t likely to be into pink paisley, but times are changing!  

Red Haute Horse line  is, in my opinion, at the forefront of this market by offering all their designs in 3 large sizes that should fit just about every draft horse out there.  So draft owners keep reading and check out my percherons in their halters!


We look fantastic!

“We look fantastic!”

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[heading style=”1″ color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#3a5472″]Let’s Get to the Review[/heading]

Red Haute Horse was kind enough to send me 4 halters, including a custom one for my blind horse.  The first thing I noticed when opening the box was how well made they are.  The stitching is all very fine, the nylon is richly colored, and the metal pieces are all high quality.  

I received 4 halters, sized Cob, Average and Large.  Let me pause here and say, don’t just estimate based on other halters you have, or just by eye.  Really measure.  I say this as there was a miscommunication to one of my helpers, who estimated size and I got a halter that was too small because I chose the wrong size.  Not terribly so, but not quite to my liking.  You can adjust both the noseband and crown, which gives you much more versatility fitting various horses than many other halters out there.

You also can’t go by breed or overall size – my 14.2 Appaloosa mare was a bit tight in the cob, even with the halter horse type head, but it was a pretty good fit for the much larger 16.3 OTTB.  So be sure to use the size guide on their site!  It’s even on every halter page. If you get the wrong size, your horse just may give you stink eye, like my OTTB in a much too large halter.

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“Really?  You see nothing wrong with this?”

 [heading style=”1″ color=”#3a5472″ style_color=”#3a5472″]Let’s see the halters![/heading]

The Cob halter came in the Flower Power print.  The brass fittings certainly worked nicely on this print, and it had a fun 70s vibe.


“So I just have to stand here??”

It fit a bit tight on the appy mare, and nicely on the OTTB.  The OTTB is secure in his masculinity in pink.  

“Real men can wear pink, I thought you knew?”

“Real men can wear pink, I thought you knew?”

The print is very fun, and looks great.  It’s nice and bright, and looks good on different colors.

The Horse size halter fit just the way I like it on my older, larger appaloosa. 

“What do you think?”

“What do you think?”

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