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So, You Bought Me For Your Little Girl


So you bought me for your little girl…

Wow! The smile I brought to her face.  I didn’t like her running around me at first, constantly kissing my nose, the braiding and unbraiding of my mane or following her aimlessly around the barn but you were right.  I would grow to love your beautiful, spirited little girl.  She was your special girl and I would become hers. 

Do you remember our first show together?  She was beautiful in her blonde ponytail. 

You bought me a bridle for her 16th birthday–pink, her favorite color, and a warm blanket for the Fall.  I stood so proud even though the other horses were scary to me. I could feel her excitement and we won first place.

Do you remember her first boyfriend?  I do. 

It was when I stood at the gate every morning for an entire week but the pat on my nose as she left for the school bus every morning became a kiss on his cheek as he she hopped in the car. 

Do you remember her first heartache? I do. 

I listened as her tears hit the floor underneath me as she groomed me for hours and talked to me.  She fed me strands of hay as she told me what was in her heart.  I tried to console her with a push of my nose.  She told me she was happier loving me.

Finally, the day came when a van pulled up in the driveway. You helped her load big boxes into the car. I wasn’t sure what the commotion was. She came to see me one last time before she hopped in the drivers seat. She told me it would be okay, that she would be back some day; I just had to wait.

The leaves were falling as the car pulled away and each day I stared at the driveway.  Soon snow would begin to fall.  My special girl came home for a few days. She was so busy.  She brought me a treat but we didn’t get to snuggle.  It was too cold, she said. She had an exam to study for over Christmas.

I waited and waited for her to return. You told me you were sorry but you couldn’t deny her an education. I didn’t blame you. She was special. Then you put me in my stall. I used to love it there.

This is one of the rescue horses from Rocking Horse Rescue who was recently saved and inspired my writing...

But after a few weeks I realized this was going to be my new home. I laid down many days. Some days I would hear soft bangs outside and I would jump up hoping someone was coming to see me, but only every once in a while would someone open the barn and throw me a bale of hay.

One day you came in the barn for a minute. You looked at me as if you might talk to me. I wanted to tell you how badly my feet hurt, that my water had frozen 4 nights ago.  I wanted to tell you how hard it was to stand up and greet you. My legs were getting weaker but you didn’t notice. I wasn’t yours but you were doing the best you could you said. You were not a “horse person”.

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Over time, your buddy, John, stopped plowing hay up the road and the truck only came now and then. You didn’t have your own hay. You lost your job a few weeks ago and University cost big money you said. Horses didn’t need to eat 24/7 anyway he told you and you believed him because you didn’t know what else to do.

I forgave you. You were doing the best you could.

The days were getting longer and longer. I didn’t eat my grain for an entire week. You figured I wasn’t hungry but I was.

On a brisk October night, the leaves were falling again and I hoped that maybe those leaves would bring her back again. I let out a whinny and you heard me but didn’t know I was calling for you. I laid down again to dream of green fields and beautiful kisses from a blonde little girl as I fell into a forever sleep…

[box title=”Before You Buy A Horse” box_color=”#3a5472″ radius=”13″]Please, if you are buying a horse, buy it as a family. The real heroes know they have to step in when life happens. Children have the best intentions, but growing up doesn’t always flow with animal commitments. Please think about life before you buy me. I deserve to be loved for life.[/box]


About The Author

Marylynn Hurley has always longed to be around horses. Six years ago, her passion led her to Rocking Horse Ranch. She learned to overcome her fear of riding and began volunteering with horse rehabilitation under the tutelage of Dale Stone, Ranch Owner. She believes the most important thing she has taken from her experience is that love is the most important training tool for both horse and rider; and that every horse has value and can learn to love again despite what they have enduredIt is her dearest hope that this story will lead to more forever homes for horses worldwide. When she’s not volunteering her time with horses, she stays very busy raising two children near Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 


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