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Heated Wellness Bed by PetSafe

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People often accuse my husband and I of spoiling of our animals.  Personally I think they are just jealous because we have so many neat pet products and they don’t. Take, for example, the newest product out by PetSafe, the Wellness Bed. This pet bed is not like your ordinary cedar-filled pet bed.  Nope.  This pet bed has a massage unit built into it, along with a heating unit and four-plus inches of foam.

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The Essential Two in One Pet Stroller

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Before you decide you don’t have a need for a Pet Stroller , I’m hoping you’ll take a moment to read this review.  I didn’t think I had a need for one either, but it has become far more than a “cute” product for mini-dogs and normal-sized cats. I wasn’t completely convinced that I needed a pet stroller, but I thought that I would give this one a try.  Turns out – I was wrong – I was in need of a pet stroller… It just needed to be a certain BRAND of pet stroller.  Why? Because it’s more than a stroller.  It’s a fashionable, airline-approved pet carrier as well.  It’s also a fun conversation-starter and something that the kids can use to bond with our outings during travels.

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FroliCat Bolt Laser Toy

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FroliCat BOLT Interactive Laser Pet Toy is much more than your standard laser toy - it's really a self-contained entertainment unit for cats and dogs. If you're like me, you have several cats who will chase a laser dot on the ground until I can't even move the laser any more.

The Bolt takes the work out of keeping your pets entertained. As a stand-alone unit, it's purr-fect for shy cats who want to be alone when they play, or for active cats that can chase laser dots all day long. It's also great for dogs who enjoy lasers as much as the cats.

The Bolt has a series of patterns it follows so none of your pets will ever become bored watching the same pattern. The light reflects from a mirror onto the ground, and you can adjust the height. It's a very quiet toy and you don't have to worry about the cat beocming distracted with a "secondary" noise. A full rotation ensures that there is plenty of laser for everyone to chase. Just place four AA batteries (not included) in the base of the unit, press the button and get out of the way.

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Our Pride's Holiday Picks

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Top 12 Purr...fect Picks this holiday seasonPW-cat-Xmas
If you're anything like us, you know that you should never do today what can be done tomorrow - and that includes the holiday shopping. But, don't miss our on these amazing holiday deals for your favorite family member! On the first day of Christmas, our true love gave to me...

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Pet Product Review: SmartyKat Toys

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We’re always on the lookout for fun toys that actually stimulate our sleepy cats into some action. SmartyKat toys fit our requirements because there is something for every type of cat. The SmartyKat line is focused on providing for the Complete Needs of your pets. They understand that cats need stimulation, treats, exercise, interaction, hunting practice and stalking practice – even if they never leave the comfort of a home.

We were sent a wide selection of affordable toys that we could try out and we put them all to the test. With 14 cats, we have a lot of personalities to please. Here are our results:

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