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2023 Holiday Gift List for Cats


Searching for top-notch products that prioritize your feline friend’s well-being and happiness? Look no further! We’ve curated a selection of innovative and delightful items ranging from premium food supplements to interactive toys and state-of-the-art cat care solutions.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your cat’s diet, add excitement to playtime, or upgrade their living space, we’ve got you covered. Explore the world of quality and innovation designed to make every purr and paw a moment to remember.

Let’s treat our whiskered companions to the best that cat care has to offer!

Simply Naked Pet Food 🐾🐟✨

I can’t help but sing praises for Simply Naked’s fish-based pet food. Let me tell you, they’re not just testing the waters in the realm of fish-based options – it’s their absolute forte. Unlike other brands where fish might be just one of many protein options, or even an afterthought, Simply Naked places it front and center. I love that fish isn’t merely a feature; it’s the star of the show in every Simply Naked pet food recipe.

This group uses wild-caught fish, a staple on dinner plates across the country, and makes it the prime ingredient in my cat’s bowl. Simply Naked’s commitment to making fish the hero of their recipes makes them stand out, and my cats couldn’t be happier with the delicious results!

They have many formulas for your pet but one of our cat’s favorites is the Wild Haddock & Cod Seafood Formula, a delectable blend of real wild-caught Haddock, Cod, Salmon, and Whitefish. Free from chicken or other animal by-products, this formula is not only a savory delight but also an allergy-conscious choice.

Packed with Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, derived from the inherent richness of seafood, it promotes healthy skin, coat, joints, immune system, and brain development. Providing complete nutrition, the formula combines the superb lean protein of fish with wholesome ingredients, including vitamin E for antioxidant benefits and prebiotics for digestive support.

This company is committed to sustainability with fish sourced from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Certified Sustainable fisheries, ensuring responsible and eco-friendly sourcing. They take pride in keeping it natural, using responsibly wild-caught fish from dependable fishermen – truly the top of the catch.

Meowijuana Cigar Box 🌿🐾✨

By now, you all know about Meowijuana!

Indulge your cat’s playful side with these Grand Daddy Purr Catnip Buds. This box is the ultimate delight for all of your feline companions. Their organic catnip buds are meticulously hand-trimmed from the finest and most fragrant organic catnip blossoms, guaranteeing your cat can have an experience worthy of their nine lives.

For an even more enriching encounter, we suggest employing a catnip bud grinder (a coffee grinder works great too!). This will unleash the aromatic oils that your feline so eagerly adores. Get ready for your cat to enter a world of purrfection!

But, wait, they have even more! Their new kickers are giant to encourage your larger cats to live life a little harder and are built to withstand the fiestiest of felines. These are a fun holiday gift for all cats and they keep pets entertained for hours – both mentally and physically.

These toys are not just toys; they are a source of endless joy for your feline companion.

Leo’s Loo Laser Toy

The Leo’s Loo Laser Toy is hands down, the best one we’ve used! Your cat will love that there are FIVE different patterns that will alawys keep them engaged and you’ll love that there is a single on/off button that you don’t have to keep pushing.

These come in three different designs and they are absolutely the most fun we’ve had with a laser toy!

  • Five Captivating Laser Patterns: Dot, mouse, butterfly, star, and smiley face for interactive fun.
  • Luxurious Extra-Soft Silicone Exteriors: Ensures a delightful play experience for your pets.
  • Convenient Recharging: Stylish USB-C charging bracelet for easy recharging after play sessions.

Effortlessly switch between laser patterns and recharge for endless play. Choose from Smarty Pear, Curious Kitty, and Pawsome Paw designs. They are just $19.99 (on and will last a lifetime.🌈🐱

Be sure to pick up some of their adorable plushie toys – these are a wonderful gift for any cat lover! At only $15.99 (currently on sale for the holidays), they are an amazing bargain! These adorable Plushies are the ideal accessory for pet enthusiasts. Crafted from super soft (yet resilient) material and adorned with top-notch embroidery, these palm-sized plushies make a charming addition when hung on keychains, backpacks, luggage, or even rear-view mirrors.

The Plushies come in a delightful 3-pack, showcasing a cute black kitty, a white paw with adorable pink toe beans, and a vibrant green pear inspired by the original Smarty Pear logo. Add a touch of charm to your belongings with these delightful companions!

Mau Pets Cento Cat Trees 🌳🐾

Introducing the luxurious Cento Cat Tree, a luxury cat tree designed to keep your cats comfy all year long. We love this product line and we know that you will too. Our ‘larger” cats love these super soft cushions (which, by the way, are machine washable).Designed to hold up to 23 lbs of cat, we often catch several of our smaller cats snuggle together on the cushions.

Best of all, every single piece that can wear out is easily replaceable, so you never have to purchase another tree. They all come with a 1-year warranty and 5% of all proceeds are donated to animal rescues.

Check out our full review here.

Invest in your cat’s well-being with the Cento – a cat tree that combines luxury, versatility, and eco-consciousness. See how much our cats love it here!

Leo’s Loo Too (Now $100 off)

If you haven’t heard of Leo’s Loo Too, it’s time to take a look at this automatic litterbox! It redefines cat care standards with features that would put any litterbox to shame.

  • Smart Home Integration: Equipped with Google and Alexa voice controls and a mobile app for convenient management.
  • Triple-Layer Safety Protection: Prioritizing your cat’s well-being with a secure and hygienic environment.
  • Programmable UV Light: Enhances sanitation and hygiene for a healthier space.
  • Modern Design and Fun Colors: Stylish addition to your home with vibrant colors and a modern design.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Larger waste drawer for convenience and a whisper-quiet motor for a tranquil environment.

Upgrade to Leo’s Loo Too and experience the ultimate in modern cat living. If you order NOW, you can save $100 off the list price for the holidays! There has never been a better time to invest in your cat!

Check out our full review here and don’t miss our TikTok clips!

Enjoy pampering your furry friends with these incredible products! 🐾💕


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