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Pawsitively Perfect: The Mau Pets Cento Cat Tree Review


Are you ready to treat your feline friend to the lap of luxury? Look no further than the Mau Pets Cento Cat Tree, this cat tree is a paradise for our furry companions that promises not just comfort, but also quality, versatility, and environmental responsibility. It’s clear why this is one of the highest-quality cat trees on the market. The Cento Cat Tree is truly designed to make every kitty’s dreams come true.

The Mau Pets Cento Cat Tree is sure to delight every feline! Designed for cats of all sizes, their modern design and luxurious materials provides plenty of comfort and activity.

The MauPets Cento Cat Tree Review

A Place for Every Cat

The Mau Cento Cat Tree is not just for the big cats; it’s for every cat, big or small. It features two tiers (each equipped with sturdy napping baskets), and a very cozy cubby cat cave at the base for some private chill time away from prying eyes. The Cento Cat Tree is purr-fectly designed to cater to every cat’s unique needs.

What sets the Cento apart from the rest of the cat trees out there is its modern (yet rustic) aesthetics, its ease in keeping clean, and its sturdy, ultra-comfy basket features.

It can comfortably accommodate large cats, small cats, or even multiple cats simultaneously for adorable cuddle sessions from kitties who just can’t bear to be apart. The weight limit is technically 24 lbs, but we’ve had two of our larger kitties share the top basket and it easily held sturdy for their combined 31 lbs.

Texture Variety for Curious Cats

Cats are curious creatures, and the Mau Cento Cat Tree knows exactly how to keep their interest piqued. With a variety of textures, from plushy fabrics to woven rattan, this cat tree is a sensory playground for your feline friend.

Two scratching posts and hanging pom-poms provide hours of entertainment and the smooth lodgepole pine wood branches offer plenty of unique scratching surfaces to keep those claws in tip-top shape.

The Mau Pets Centro Cat Tree
Photo compliments of Mau Pets

Nature’s Touch Indoors

Like our other favorite cat tree from Cat Tree House, the Mau Cento Cat Tree is not just another piece of furniture; it’s a piece of art. Crafted from real tree branches, each piece is handmade, ensuring that every Cento is unique. These branches are properly treated for pet safety and lifetime use indoors, so you and your pets can enjoy the beauty of nature without any worries.

Eco-Friendly and Responsible

We all care about our planet, and Mau knows how important the environment is to you and your four-legged friends. That’s why they plant a new tree for every cat tree sold. So when you choose the Cento, you’re not just pampering your cat; you’re also contributing to a greener world.

Mau Pets is also believes in giving back to wildlife who share this beautiful planet where we all reside. That is why they allocate 5% of all proceeds to supporting animal welfare and environmental conservation!

If you’re feeling especially generous, Mau Pets will cover 50% of the cost for product donations made to animal shelters – and trust me, any shelter in the world would LOVE to have a few of these around to help cats feel more at home in the shelter.

Features at a Glance

  • Supports large cat sizes up to 23 pounds.
  • Easy to clean – both removable basket cushions are machine washable.
  • All wear and tear parts can be replaced.
  • Interchangeable & different color bed options available for purchase.
  • Made of the most comfortable, premium materials.
  • Each piece is handmade, so every piece is unique.
  • Enjoy a 45-day risk-free trial. Mau Pets handles all shipping and returns – there are NO restocking or hidden fees.
  • Features a 1-year warranty on all products.

The Mau Cento Cat Tree is not just a piece of cat furniture; it’s a statement of love and care for your best feline friend.

With its exceptional quality, comfort, and eco-consciousness, it’s a purchase you can feel good about. Treat your cat to the lap of luxury with the Mau Cento Cat Tree today, and watch your kitty’s happiness soar to new heights!


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