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CatScapes Shelves Changes How Your Cats Play

Catscapes Shelves for Cats

Cats are really not as complex as some think. They need a high-quality food, clean water, and a place to call their own (usually something up high so they can survey their kingdom). If you spend a lot of time tripping over your cat, removing them from the countertops, or otherwise enduring “cat hampering”, this is the alternative to cat trees you’ve been waiting for – CatScapes is rethinking how cats prefer to play.

CatScapes is running a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter, which means backers will be the first to receive CatScapes Cat Shelves and will receive deep discounts on the first run of products – you could save up to 46% off retail pricing!

The key to this incredible system is a patent-pending adjustable hinge-bracket system that lets you position shelves at any angle. Connect multiple pieces together for a system that works in any room and allows you to control the flow of a home.

Catscapes Shelves for cats

We love the idea that it’s reportedly so easy to install that you don’t even need a ruler! The brackets can be placed anywhere, shelves can be added or subtracted, angles can be easily changed, and it’s sturdy enough for any sized cat.

Cats of all types will love this product line. Since the entire system is adjustable, you can change it out for any type of cat, whether they are senior and need platforms in a single design, or younger cats who need a challenge. There is no end to the number of designs you could create from a a starter kit.

As your cats become adept at the maze, simply add to the collection or change up the design!

“After two years of product development with engineers, designers and cat experts, it is thrilling to share CatScapes Cat Shelves with the cat-loving community and to see our modular system embraced by experts and newcomers to the realm of cat shelves and feline enrichment,” said Aaron Feldman, CEO and co-founder of CatScapes.

catscapes jumping cat
CatScapes Shelving

Kate Benjamin, the founder of Hauspanther, LLC and co-author of the New York Times bestsellers Catification and Catify to Satisfy has found and created some of the most innovative products we’ve found for cats, and she refers to CatScapes as “game-changing”. We also love this newest option for home design!


This year, surprise your cat with something different. Don’t miss this great opportunity to save money on the entire set!

The Kickstarter campaign will run through April 19, 2019 with a goal of $215,000.

If the campaign is successful, products are expected to ship in August 2019. Backers will benefit from a partnership that CatScapes has formed with UPS to facilitate significantly reduced shipping rates nationally and worldwide.

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