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Simple Solution Advanced Odor Remover Review

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As you all know, we spend a lot of time reviewing products. The most recent set of products we had the opportunity to look at were the Simple Solution Stain & Odor Product Line, and I have to say – we were very impressed. We have looked at the Simple Solution product line in the past, and they have not always been our favorites (which is why you are only now seeing this review as we don't waste your time or ours with negative reviews). But, Simple Solution has truly redeemed themselves in this recent line of products - all of which have been completely updated. When you have pets, you generally have odors that you need to get rid of and while the same holds true for living with humans, we want our home to be as dog-smell and cat-smell-free as possible. The bottom line is that Simple Solution holds true to its name by not only gently eliminating smells, but eliminating them for good. So, let’s start with the products we were able to look at in our product testing:

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Smart Cat Toys

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These toys have quickly become favorites for both me and the cats.  Designed by a company that knows and understands cats, Pioneer Pets has come up with a variety of items that will help your favorite feline stay entertained for hours. We couldn't choose just one favorite, so read on to find the one (or many) that will best suit your pets! The Tick Tock Teaser: One of our most favorite toys for a number of reasons.  First, they are sturdy and incredibly well-built.  Constructed of MDF board (a high-quality wood that is broken down and rebound with a nontoxic resin), several cats can play with this toy and you'll have no fear of it falling apart.  This wonderful little toy entertains on two levels as each time your pet pushes against the top mouse, the bottom mouse will move, creating hours of wonderment for your cats.  Our felines spent hours trying to figure out how it worked, and now they enjoy teasing the newcomer felines with their new found knowledge! It can be found at Pioneer Pet or Amazon for $19.99.

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New Trapping Kit Helps TNR Advocates

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Alley Cat Allies has a valuable new resource available for all who participate in Trap, Neuter, Release (TNR) programs. The Trapping Kit contains educational materials that not only teach you the ins and outs of trapping, but also help you communicate them to others:

  • How to Help Feral Cats: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trap-Neuter-Return – Our concise guide takes you through humane trapping from start to finish.
  • Alley Cat Allies Educational Video Library – Our DVD of instructional videos, including Trapping Cats: How to Trap an Entire Colony, shows you how it’s done.

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SmartyKat Toys Do the Work For You

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Some of the most fun and socially responsible products we’ve seen this year has been from the extensive collection of Smarty Kat toys. In case you missed our earlier report, this is the company that developed a program called ecoAdvantages, a unique manufacturing method that creates pet toys and beds out of recycled plastic. You can read more about them by clicking here.  SmartyKat has really taken the time to figure out cats, and it shows. By identifying the special needs of our feline friends, they have created a line of cat toys that will please all of our cats and their very individual needs. Looking for a specific instinct? Check out the Complete Needs method of categorizing toys. Not only are these cat toys unique and innovative, they are inexpensive and easily found in nearly any retail store.  So what type of behaviors does SmartyKat study when developing their line of cat toys? Let’s break their "play needs" out one at a time:

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Big Cat Feline Furniture

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UPDATE: Watch the video on assembling this unit at the end of this article!

Right now, I’m watching my cog (that’s short for a cat who thinks she’s a dog), hang off the top level of our brand new, cutting edge, state-of-the-art, BigCat activity center. She’s doing this for a reason, and it’s to torture our very easy-going Tonkinese, Ghost, into abandoning his spot on the hammock of the second level.  Mama-san, who has the most coveted place deep inside the cat condo, will be next on the cog’s list.  Ultimately, a fight will break out between the three of them, and two more of our cats will move in for the prime position, prompting me to return to my computer and purchase several more furniture pieces from Feline Furniture in order to create a larger activity center.

And this is how it’s been since we incorporated the innovative new Big Cat Activity Center into our home – nonstop fun…

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Feline Behavior

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    Hello Grey Socks, Every time I put toothpaste on my brush, which is mint flavored, my cat wants to lick it. She goes completely banana's over it. Is it okay to let her lick some? Thanks,
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  • Wool-sucking in cats

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  • Cats covering feces

    Dear Ghost, Why do cats cover their feces? My two cats are neurotic about covering up everything in their litter box, which is stupid because it's automatic anyway. Is it really necessary? Thanks,

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  • Cats spraying

    Baby, I live with 2 male cats (neutered) and 1 female cat (spayed). All of a sudden they have started spraying (they are 1 year old). They have sprayed my bed, my doors and in my closet (that I know of). I'm… Read More +

  • hypersthesia

    Mama-San, My 1 yr old tabby has developed a fear of its tail! The end twitches and she sometimes lightly attacks it, but most times just runs from it (especially at night) your site mentions anger in connection with tip- twitching.… Read More +

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