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Automating Your Home For Pets


Not long ago, we had the opportunity to talk with Craig Pyles from Vivint. In case you don’t know, Vivint is a group who handles the automation, security and energy conservation of homes. We talked to them about how easy it is to automate a home for your pets and I wanted to share some of the great things that are available not only from them, but from nearly any security group (and ways you can utilize this technology for yourselves.)

Now you can make sure your pet is comfortable and safe during the day with a Smart Thermostat, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and state-of-the-art security system. If you’re running late or need to let a friend in to take care of your pet, just use our automatic door locks and lock the door remotely after they leave. It’s as simple as that.

Of course we would never advocate for spending less time with your pets, but if you ever find yourself stuck in traffic, or running late after a long day at the office, these are some ways you can make sure your pets are safe and comfortable until you arrive home.

Energy Management

In the heat of the desert or the cold of the northern plains, you can now make sure your pets are warm and comfortable throughout the day by automatically controlling your thermostat. If you’re working on conserving energy by keeping lights out, you can easily set up rooms to only turn lights on when someone walks through, which means your pets will always be able to see where they’re headed.

Television and Radio

We occasionally leave our television on for our dogs when we’ll be away. Now we can make sure the TV turns off on its own after the Discovery channel special is over, or the doggy relaxation CD finishes playing. Not sure if it’s off? Simply check your phone.

Video cameras

Video cameras are not only commonly used in households today for security, but for keeping an eye on your front door, your land, and more importantly, your pets. Wondering who it is that keeps getting into the garbage? Don’t be so quick to blame the dog. Check out the footage for yourself.

Monitoring and controlling energy

Security and thermostats can now be regulated through a simple app on your phone or iPad. You can adjust the temperature, turn things on or off, and create rules around the house to trigger items to happen. For example, you could purchase a feeder and only open it twice per day. You could control your doggy door to open as needed, and you could control your pet’s heated bed to come on and off at certain times.


Automated Feeders

Want to make sure your pet is fed on time but unsure of how to do it? There are several automated feeders on the market that can help you ensure your pets are fed on time no matter how late you have to stay at work. When you purchase the adapter unit for appliance modules, you can automate and control from your phone.

Controlling Pet’s Access Outdoors

Has a rainstorm suddenly blown in? Keep your pets indoors by locking down the doggy door so they don’t track mud throughout the house. Or you could theoretically even set up a controlled electronic gate that closes and locks when requested. The possibilities are endless!

Checking on Sitters

While you generally don’t have to worry about professional pet sitters not doing what they are asked, you may worry about a neighbor you hired to come play with your dog. Do you want to know how long your pet sitter is staying around the house and playing with your pets? You can check on them by monitoring how often your front doors are open or closed and locked.


Temporary individual access codes can be granted to key personnel when you’re away from home on vacation, so you no longer have to worry about missing keys or duplicated keys. Simply revoke access upon your return! Need to have a neighbor swing by and let your pup out? A temporary code is easily established via phone so you don’t have to plan ahead.

Security companies usually charge an up-front fee for setup and a monthly fee. While the fees will vary according to the arrangement and initial equipment used, there are many options for automating your home and keeping your pets safe. Call around, get estimates and explore the new technology that is now offered for home security and home maintenance.

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