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Wacky Paws’ Colorful Line of Products


While we were at Global Pet Expo, we met and immediately loved the Wacky Paws line of aesthetically-pleasing products. These unique, modern-looking harnesses, carriers and life vests are some of the more colorful and fun pet products that we’ve seen on the market. We think you’ll love the bright colors, well-designed items in this entire product line – and we know you’ll appreciate the fun ways of looking at the same old things.

Here’s a brief look at a few of our favorites:

Travel Dog Harness

The Wacky Paws Pet Sport Travel Harness, Large, Blue is a great harness for your pet. The packs are easily removable, and it doubles as an actual harness. One thing we recommend is that you order a size larger than you think you’ll need as they run very small.

Air Mesh Dog Harness

These surprisingly sturdy and well-built Wacky Paws Mesh Harness, Small are made from breathable material and are available in a bright selection of colors. The material is quite thick, assuring a long lifespan even when placed on a dog as active as a Jack Russell! Pricing starts at $13.99.

Luxury Pet Stroller

The Wacky Paws Luxury Pet Stroller, Large, Black is a new take on travel for your small pets. With plenty of room for their heads to poke through the top, the sturdy material provides a safe haven for them to stroll around.

Pet Sling

Beginning at $45, the Wacky Paws Pet Sling, Small, Blue is a novel way to carry your pets securely. Perfect for small dogs and well-behaved, escape-proof cats. Be sure to check out the video for a complete look at how easy it is to keep your pets safe and nearby – great for traveling.

Sporty Pet Backpack Carrier

These Wacky Paws Pet Backpack, Small, Sea Breeze are fantastic backpacks that your pet can place his or her head through for some fresh air. Starting at $45, they com in four colors: pink, blue, green and yellow. It’s the first time we’ve seen a backpack this adorable – like a little papoose for pets.

[bt_youtube url=”http://youtu.be/aGzRXD-SEwo” width=”600″ height=”400″ responsive=”yes” autoplay=”no”][/bt_youtube]

Eco Pet Carrier

The Wacky Paws ECO Pet Carrier is sturdy, completely collapsible into a flat box style for easy storage. The Eco-Carrier V2 is a sturdy, foldable,  and well ventilated pet carrier. The Eco Carrier V2 folds open from the front and back sides for easy access for you pet.

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