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Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan: A Love Story


When it comes to assistance dogs, we think every one of them are heroes. But, the story of Hickory and Kemp, the two seeing eye dogs belonging to Lloyd Burlingame are something extra special.

Two Seeing Eye Dogs Take Manhattan is told from the point of view of the dogs, who are high-spirited with a rollicking sense of humor. They refer to their human as “the old prof” and give us a dog’s eye view of what it’s like to navigate the bustling city of Manhattan (and many other locales). From an adventure to Austria to shopping trips in the city, it’s easy to see how these two dogs have skyrocketed to the top of reading lists.

This heartwarming and hilarious story is about a well-known Broadway designer, Lloyd Burlingame, who confronts the nightmare of blindness much later in life. Despite being “a cat person” and, “distrustful of dogs” (after an early childhood bite experience) it is a journey of trust and mutual respect that he comes around and learns to rely on these two humorous pups.

Every pet parent knows the challenges, frustrations and undying love that exists between a human and a dog, but this story moves beyond that theory. It’s a story of courage, faith, and a paradigm shift that we all hope we will never have to face. Yet, Burlingame and his two dogs do it with dignity, humor and trust.

I strongly recommend this novel. The author is a man who loves opera and story-telling, both qualities that we see in this fun novel that will bring tears to your eyes as you relate to the trio’s trials, and make you laugh out loud at the many antics they face. Together…

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